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Compliance Tools
This tool leverages existing core infection control risk assessment (ICRA) principles to establish a framework for water safety management during health care construction and renovation projects.
A trailblazing new series offering the first consistent, authoritative resource on health care facilities management to ensure that all HFMs can easily obtain the same, essential baseline information they need to do their jobs effectively.
This document outlines a team approach, starting with the health care organization leadership setting the expectations and cyber-risk mitigation tone for the project. When executive leadership empowers information technology, operational technology and facilities professionals, an effective cyber-risk mitigation plan can be enacted. A thoughtful cyber-risk process addresses the safety, efficiency and compliance goals of the health care facility.
This report from HKS and Arup, with peer review and collaboration from ASHE walks through design strategies that can help facilities stay operational and safe during a pandemic.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
ASHE’s Sustainability Program Manager Kara Brooks will provide a brief overview of the Energy to Care Program and new updates to the program offerings. In addition, Kara will provide a brief overview on sustainability before, during and after COVID-19.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
This presentation provides an outline for the first step in the resiliency process: assessing your facility’s vulnerability.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
This presentation first examines available VR tools and assessments given varying user group dynamics.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
From the 2020 PDC Webinar Series. Identify the key decision points when evaluating whether to have your central sterile department on campus or to relocate to an off-site location, and more.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
This session follows up ongoing national benchmarking research on critical access hospitals based on the collaboration between academic researchers, designers, policy makers and FGI.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
Nathan Howell, Jerry McPhail, Petra Sarah Wakefield. Join Covenant Health and Texas Tech as they detail their collaborative three-tiered approach to tackling this epidemic and removing the stigma of mental health.