Operation Decarbonization

A Sustainability Game Plan for Health Care Facilities

Today, health care facilities are striving to become more sustainable, reduce their energy consumption and decarbonize. Facing energy systems that run on fossil fuels and tight budgets, health care teams need a holistic and strategic game plan to ignite action. 

This e-Learning course invigorates interdisciplinary teams to get involved in decarbonizing their health care facility. It's essential to have buy-in from a variety of roles and levels to address pain points and identify opportunities for improvement.


A variety of roles and levels can benefit from participation in this course, including:

  • Health care facility managers and teams
  • Technicians
  • Consultants and designers
  • Frontline care staff
  • Supply chain staff
  • Managers
  • Executive leadership and decision-makers
  • Sustainability professionals


Operation Decarbonization Helps Health Care Facilities

Learn about the objectives of each module of this program below:

  • Module Objectives:

    • Identify sources of carbon emissions.
    • Describe the role of health care facilities in greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Consider your role in operation decarbonization.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Define how your organization's mission is supported by your facility’s decarbonization efforts.
    • Frame your mission in compelling terms.
    • Set priorities for Operation Decarbonization.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Build a cross-functional collaborative decarbonization team.
    • Identify role-specific duties.
    • Use cross-functional language to grow understanding.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Measure your own facility’s baseline energy usage and carbon footprint.
    • Identify areas of opportunity where improvements can be made to reduce waste or improve efficiency.
    • Interpret data to support prioritization and decision-making.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Communicate how a decarbonization plan promotes long term viability by reducing risk.
    • Calculate and communicate the costs and benefits of decarbonization actions –as well as the cost of inaction.
    • Develop financial acumen to improve likely action and support.
    • Frame actionable proposals in terms that promote returns on investment that contribute to overall patient well-being.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Identify necessary components to drive and communicate actions to accomplish a decarbonization goal.
    • Specify the steps required to meet a prescribed decarbonization goal.
    • Tailor action plans to match the complexity of a project.


  • Module Objectives:

    • Expand your cross-functional team to work collaboratively to achieve sustainability goals.
    • Establish project-specific action plans to make measurable progress on sustainability.
    • Grow support for ongoing sustainability efforts through measured results and value-based messaging.
    • Improve your long-term strategy to approach decarbonization and other sustainability targets.


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