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ASHE Preferred Education Provider


ASHE Preferred Education Provider

About Preferred Education Provider (PEP) Program

Organizations offering education related to health care facilities management and/or construction may apply to become a preferred education provider with the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE). ASHE preferred education providers grant learners continuing education credits (CECs) applicable to Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) or Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) certification renewal.

Eligible Programs

To qualify for approval, program content must relate to the Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) exam content outline categories.

1 Compliance
2 Healthcare Project Management
3 Maintenance and Operations
4 Finance Management
5 Administration


To qualify for approval, program content must relate to the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) exam content outline categories.

1 Health Care Industry Fundamentals
2 Planning, Design and Construction Process
3 Health Care Facility Safety – Additions & Renovations
4 Financial Stewardship




Please Note

  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the date of the program.
  • Please submit one application/application fee per program. Programs with multiple sessions (e.g., a conference) must submit separate applications for each session. 
  • All program approvals expire on December 31 of each year. Program approvals last no longer than 12 months at a time.
  • The application fee is not refunded if your application is denied.

Steps to Submit the Application

  1. Carefully complete the forms on pages 3-4 of this application. All portions must be completed, including fee payment, or your application will not be processed.
  2. If you are paying by credit card, your application must be faxed to 312-276-8015 (ASHE secured fax). For security purposes, any credit card information emailed or mailed to ASHE will not be received or processed.

After Submission

After review, your application status will be emailed to the address listed on the application status.



For more information, please contact