Speak at an ASHE Conference

Twice a year, ASHE accepts presentation abstracts from those who want to present sessions at ASHE’s two annual conferences: The International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction (PDC Summit) and the ASHE Annual Conference.  

The 2023 PDC Call for Abstracts is now open through June 30th!

The International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction (PDC Summit) brings together design and construction decision-makers and stakeholders along with facility senior leadership to plan for the future of health care and highlights the real-life collaboration that’s required to create and maintain safe healing environments. Consider the rapid pace of change in health care: technological advancements, community health, regulatory compliance and financial pressures. Only by working together, identifying common goals, and sharing best practices can we prepare ourselves and our organizations for success now and in the years to come.  

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Before you submit, check out the Tips, Guidelines & Checklist for assistance in preparing for online submission.  

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All abstracts must be submitted online by June 30th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Selected abstract submitters will be notified by or shortly after September 30, 2022.

The 36th PDC Summit is collaboratively developed by thought leaders from the following supporting organizations:

  •  American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) Academy of Architecture  for Health (AIA/AAH)
  • American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA)
  • Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
  • Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI)
  • International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS)
  • Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD)


2022 opportunities now CLOSED! Sign up for updates for our 2023 call for abstracts.

The 2022 ASHE Annual Call for Abstracts is now closed!

To prepare for the abstract submission process, consider creating:

  • Basic session information, including format, title, speakers, intended audience, etc.
  • Detailed abstract (400-600 words) describing your session topic
  • Concise (50-75 word) description of your session that would appear in conference materials
  • Four (4) measurable learning outcomes stating what attendees will be able to do after attending the session
  • Include at least two of the following concepts: 
    • Owner perspectives.  
    • Performance Improvement/Operational excellence.   
    • Applicability for rural and small hospital scalability. 
    • Innovation/Forward thinking.  
    • Patient experience.  
    • Strategic leadership.  
    • Technological advances.  
    • Security/Cybersecurity/Resiliency.  

The selection committee will give preference to abstracts that: 

  • In-depth sessions that bring value to attendees, their organizations and their communities.  
  • Concrete takeaways: Checklists, tools or other resources attendees can apply on the job.  
  • Multidisciplinary representation.   
    • Panels that include hospital owner representatives.  
    • Teams including: 
      • Facilities managers and professionals.  
      • Infection prevention professionals. 
      • Architects/Designers. 
      • Construction professionals. 
  • Presentation of diverse opinions.  
  • Content that motivates the pursuit of excellence
  • Critical and leading-edge information to help attendees stay ahead of health care changes.


Please note that ASHE uses a rigorous peer review process to select sessions and sales pitches are not accepted.