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e-Learning Courses for Health Care Facility Managers, Design & Construction Professionals

Improve your career with ASHE's e-Learning programs, available online 24/7! Our diverse library includes programs that offer certificates and preparation for certification.

  • Relevance: Whether you're an emerging health care facilities professional or an experienced leader, there's something for you.
  • Flexibility: Once you begin a course, you'll have 90 days to complete the program!
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Facility Management

CHFM Exam Review

Designed to give you a final check before taking the Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) Exam, this course will help you gain confidence in the five key competency areas.

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Application of NFPA 99 in Health Care Facilities

Streamline your implementation of the requirements of NFPA® 99. A must for health care facility managers and environmental or safety managers!




Managing Life Safety

Gain strategies to manage your facility’s life safety program even as standards change. Accurately decipher the NFPA® 101®: Life Safety Code® (2012 edition).


NFPA® 99 — Emergency Management

Examine emergency management as covered by the 2012 edition of NFPA® 99, which contains the most extensive changes since the inception of the code.




NFPA® 99 — Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems

Examine medical gas and vacuum systems as covered by the 2012 edition of NFPA® 99, which contains the most extensive changes since the inception of the code.


Finance and Budgeting for Facility Managers

Improve your understanding of finances and the language of business and be empowered to "do more with less."




Medical Gas Cylinder Storage

Understand the storage and use of medical gas cylinders with the 2012 Edition of NFPA® 99 in mind.


Electrical Systems for Health Care Facilities

Increase the effectiveness of your electrical system management program, the lifeblood of the health care facility. Maintain compliance, integrate hazard vulnerability analysis and access helpful resources.




Electrical Workplace Safety Training for Health Care Facilities

Developed by EATON. Gain an overview of safety considerations for contractors and electricians working in health care facilities.


Energy University

Brought to you by ASHE and Schneider Electric. Achieve your energy efficiency goals through three FREE online courses.




Operation Decarbonization

This e-Learning course invigorates interdisciplinary teams to get involved in decarbonizing their health care facility.






Infection Prevention

ASHE ICRA 2.0™: Improving Patient Protections

Align your team around a comprehensive infection prevention strategy with a step-by-step process.


Learn why ventilation is critical to the health care environment and what you can do to support infection control, whether you are a clinician, or a facility manager or staff member.




Design and Construction

Health Care Construction Workshop

Validate your knowledge of working in a health care environment with this combination e-learning course and two-day application-driven seminar.

Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) Exam Review

An essential check before taking the CHC exam. Gain confidence in the four key competency areas of the exam.




Safe Day One<sup>® </sup>

Health Care Orientation and Safety Training; Prep course for Health Care Physical Environment Worker Certification Gain the specilized knowledge needed to operate safely for patients, workers, providers, visitors and yourself.