Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) Exam Review

Determine your readiness to achieve ASHE’s Certified Health Care Constructor certification.

Identify your knowledge gaps and gain confidence before taking the exam to become certified with ASHE’s CHC certification. Review core competencies, address critical skill gaps, and ensure you are prepared to demonstrate proficiency through practice questions and expert analysis related to key concepts covered in ASHE’s CHC credential.

Find out your readiness by identifying knowledge gaps and gaining confidence in taking the exam. Review CHC-driven core competencies and address critical skill gaps with practice questions and expert analysis of the problems addressed during the examination.

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Utilize various learning strategies, including lectures, exam-simulated practice test questions, and study materials. This program is designed to help individuals recall essential knowledge, apply their skills and analyze questions.

This is not a comprehensive content-driven CHC preparation program. For application of CHC-driven concepts please register for Health Care Construction workshop.

This program will overview some concepts based on the exam-simulated practice test questions with detailed expert analysis. It will utilize various learning strategies including lectures, simulated test questions and helpful study materials. The program is designed to review the exam components and provide you with strategies to successfully apply them during the examination.

What you will learn:

  • Apply your knowledge and experience in answering recall, application and analysis questions.
  • Strategies to apply during the examination.
  • Analyze, identify and mitigate gaps in CHC competency-driven knowledge.



Why should you take the CHC Exam Review?


Additional Information & Resources:

Please note: Participation in this course does not guarantee a passing score on the CHC exam. The program pricing does not include the CHC exam fee, nor does it register you for the exam.



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