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Sep 21, 2022
Assess the current condition of a system or your facility’s asset management program with this maintenance backlog analysis tool.
Sep 15, 2022
The ICRA 2.0 Process Guide is your how-to manual for successfully engaging the ICRA 2.0 tool. It closely follows the steps outlined on the form, but it also helps you understand where the ICRA 2.0 fits within the larger project plan and who you should include on the ICRA 2.0 team.
Compliance Tools
Aug 23, 2022
This tool helps facilities managers apply the tactics of building system maintenance to infection control by identifying opportunities for infection risk during rounding.
Compliance Tools
Jul 25, 2022
The Joint Commission (TJC) introduced changes to the Emergency Management (EM) standards which became effective on July 1, 2022.
Compliance Tools
Jul 5, 2022
Use this self-assessment tool to prepare your non-hospital business occupancies for survey by accreditations organizations.
Compliance Tools
Jun 8, 2022
Help prepare your facility for adverse weather-related events through this article and adverse weather checklist available to ASHE members.
Lunch and Learn
May 24, 2022
The Challenges with Decarbonization | Presented by Gordian
Case Studies
May 11, 2022
Using renewable energy sources, hospital reduces annual utility bill from more than $3 million to $2.8 million despite an almost 40% increase in the cost of electricity.