Decarbonization is reducing CO2 emissions resulting from human activity, with the eventual goal of eliminating them. In practice, getting to zero net emissions requires shifting from fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon energy sources.

This third edition monograph discusses only the physical environment aspects of USP , and is intended for the use of health care facility managers. It will aid those preparing for compliance with USP .
The  AIA/AAH PDC Student Challenge 2024 is an exciting annual event designed to stimulate critical inquiry, creative ideas and multi-disciplinary interaction between students and design professionals. It will highlight the brilliance and innovation of our future health care architects,…
ASHE supports the decarbonization of health care and is dedicated to leading the field by providing tools and resources to both reduce the health care carbon footprint and to inform public policy.
Learn how your health care facility’s energy reduction efforts compare to national benchmarks with this new report.
Implementing a barrier management program provides your team with tools and standards specifically tailored to your organization.
Reduce energy consumption at your health care facility with Operation Decarobonization: A Sustainability Game Plan for Health Care Facilities.
Promote a culture of sustainability in health care and reduce your facility's carbon footprint with the HealQuest program.
Establish a green team, create an energy management plan and promote sustainability in health care with ASHE's Sustainability Guide.
Strategic thought leadership, resources, and programs to support sustainability in health care.
This code overlay will assist health care systems with their decarbonization efforts