Engage Leadership with HealQuestTM

Promote Cultural Changes Toward Sustainability

The new HealQuest program guides interdepartmental teams through two days of hands-on activities to help make health care facilities more sustainable. With the help of ASHE experts, this program trains participants about the importance of sustainability culture and accountability across the organization. Promote a culture of sustainability at your health care facility.

Benefits of the HealQuest Program

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HealQuest is Broken Up into Four Training Tiers

Tier 1: Pre-work Asynchronous Preparation

Today, health care facilities are striving to become more sustainable, reduce their energy consumption and decarbonize. Operation Decarbonization: A Sustainability Game Plan for Health Care Facilities is a self-paced 7-module e-Learning course that will help you:

  • Build a cross-functional team to work collaboratively to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Establish a project-specific action plan to make progress on sustainability initiatves.
  • Construct a compelling business case to support decision-making and buy in.
  • Develop a strategy to approach decarbonization and other sustainability targets

Tier 2: On-Site Multidisciplinary Team-Building

Staff-led training where we discuss sustainability concepts like the environment, population health, and the economy and their applications to health care before we:

  • Identify the sustainability identities
  • Develop and diversify the sustainability team

Tier 3: On-Site Team Exploration to Identify Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities Within the Facility

Teams will work together to:

  • Find energy savings opportunities
  • GHG reduction opportunities
  • Document and prioritize their finding
  • Calculate the savings
  • Present to the C-suite

Tier 4: Goal-Setting, Action Planning and Accountability

Following HealQuest, ASHE will work with hospital staff to:

  • Identify remaining strengths and opportunities
  • Prioritize savings projects
  • Finalize their action plan
  • Draft change management framework
  • Begin implementation at their facility