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Working in Health Care: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Education & Exam Review

Protect patients, staff and visitors with your awareness of the construction challenges unique to a health care site.

Save lives, reduce risk and decrease costs. Gain insights on the unique challenges for construction projects taking place in a health care setting. Review code compliance requirements, infection prevention, fire and life safety and find out details on how your team’s actions can positively or negatively impact the safety of patients, staff and visitors.

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Analyze the unique challenges you and your crew face when working construction projects in a health care environment. Contribute to saving lives by reducing risks to patients, staff, crew and visitors. Learn how to reduce a facility’s construction costs by becoming aware of intricacies and differences of health care environment in all phases of construction projects. Receive guidance necessary for you and your crew’s successful participation in health care projects. Get ready for the next step in your career and prove your competencies by taking ASHE’s Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker exam as a follow-up to this program*.

The Health Care Physical Environment Worker certification is a must-have for everyone who works or wants to work on a health care-related construction site.

What you will learn:

  • Reduce risks to patients during construction. 
  • Describe the fundamentals of life safety and interim life safety measures (ILSMs). 
  • Prevent spread of infection and apply techniques for successful contamination. 
  • Review equipment and systems unique to health care facilities and gain strategies on system shutdowns. 
  • Respect and defend customer and patient expectations during construction projects. 
  • Study concepts included on health care physical environment worker certification exam. 



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Additional Information & Resources:

Participants will receive a copy of Working in Health Care: A Guide for Facility Business Partners, Construction Professionals, and Subcontractors.

Please note: 

* The program does not include the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker certification exam fee nor does it register you for the exam. Participation in this review program does not guarantee a passing score on the exam. To register for the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker exam, please click here.

Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker



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