Compliance Tools

Sep 22, 2021
Use this worksheet to periodically check for reactive maintenance concerns that could be wasting time and energy. Focusing first on squeaky wheels (reactive maintenance) makes your energy program more relevant to the daily work and problems faced by your maintenance team. Get your RCx agent or…
Sep 9, 2021
These resources, compiled by Lorissa MacAllister, Ph.D., AIA, LEED AP, founder and president of Enviah, Grand Rapids, Mich., provide health facilities managers and other health care professionals with information they need to organize data and develop tools for day-to-day facility operations.
Jun 30, 2021
Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals) contains all CMS requirements and survey guidance for a hospital alternate equipment maintenance (AEM) program. These risk assessment factors are generally not the same as the more common factors that hospitals have used in the past for utility…
Jun 11, 2021
While Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is not a new tool for disinfection, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought it to the forefront of discussions again. UV radiation, with sufficient intensity and contact time, can inactivate viruses and bacteria through three main approaches: air, water and surface. One…
May 3, 2021
Effective immediately: Aisle widths in hospital and critical access hospital suites must be 36 inches at minimum
Apr 28, 2021
Breaking a health care facility into subcategories can help to simplify the master planning process. This outline provides a list subcategories that health care organizations can use as a starting point as they customize their own plans.