Infection Control Risk Assessment 2.0 (ICRA 2.0)

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The use of infection control risk assessments (ICRAs) during hospital design and construction projects has been evolving for the past several decades. In July 2020, ASHE put together a multidisciplinary team consisting of infection prevention and control, industrial hygiene, construction, facility management specialists and authorities having jurisdiction to evaluate the existing ICRA matrix and to see how it could be improved to better serve health care organizations. This team met on a weekly basis throughout 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021 to accomplish this objective.

While the foundation of the ICRA, The IC Matrix - Class of Precautions matrix, remains the fundamental process of the ICRA 2.0 one of the key improvements the team made was to expand on the descriptive language throughout all portions of the ICRA. The team spent several months discussing the various changes to ensure that all aspects of the tables were considered. This provides greater clarity in the application of the ICRA.

Because of the critical nature of comprehensive infection prevention, ASHE has made the ICRA 2.0 tool and permit available to the general public.

There’s more to come with ICRA 2.0 for ASHE members! ASHE members will soon have access to the ICRA 2.0 Resource Guide which will provide more detail about how to apply the ICRA 2.0 process, how to engage an ICRA 2.0 team, and detailed guidance about mitigation controls. Consider becoming an ASHE member today to gain full access to this document when it is released.

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