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This third edition monograph discusses only the physical environment aspects of USP , and is intended for the use of health care facility managers. It will aid those preparing for compliance with USP .
Learn how your health care facility’s energy reduction efforts compare to national benchmarks with this new report.
This code overlay will assist health care systems with their decarbonization efforts
Case Studies
Using renewable energy sources, hospital reduces annual utility bill from more than $3 million to $2.8 million despite an almost 40% increase in the cost of electricity.
Get involved with programs that will help you reduce energy use and get the most out of the Energy to Care program.
Lunch and Learn
Join Mark Kenneday, Bobby Baird, and Bert Gumringer in an open panel lunch and learn covering best practices for operational sustainability.
Insights into practical ways to tackle the perceived daunting task of decarbonization, including regulations already in place for health care facilities.