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The Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) exam features questions organized into four broad domains: health care industry fundamentals; the planning, design, and construction process; health care facility safety additions and renovations; and financial stewardship.



Why should you become a CHC?


Not sure where to start?

The following resources may be helpful in preparing for the CHC exam, though this is not a complete list and this reading material does not cover exam questions directly. ASHE does not have access to the questions on the exam, which is offered through the AHA Certification Center. This list is intended to be a starting point for those interested in studying for the CHC exam, as well as a list of general reading for all health care construction professionals.

If you are not sure which materials you should focus on, consider starting by reading the detailed domains in the CHC Candidate Handbook and Application or by taking the CHC Self-Assessment Exam to find your strengths and weaknesses.

ASHE recommends taking the Working in Health Care: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Education & Exam Review course followed by the Health Care Construction Workshop and the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Exam Review course as a pathway to build on your current knowledge of health care construction.

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Recommended Areas of Focus for the CHC Exam


Exam Preparation/Readiness Review

The American Hospital Association Certification Center contracts with PSI to administer the CHC exam. The exam is available online at PSI Assessment Centers. Learn more about how to prepare for the CHC exam below. 

Veteran Benefits

If you qualify for VA benefits, you can get the cost of the CHC exam covered! 

After you register and pay for the exam of your choice, fill out an Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees (VA Form 22-0803). Send the completed application and proof of payment to your Regional Processing Office. If you need additional help, call the VA toll-free at 1-888-422-4551 or visit the VA website.    



CHC Exam Review Course

Identify your knowledge gaps and gain confidence before taking the exam to become certified with ASHE’s CHC certification. Review core competencies, address critical skill gaps, and ensure you are prepared to demonstrate proficiency through practice questions and expert analysis related to key concepts covered in ASHE’s CHC credential.

ASHE members get a $100 discount.

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CHC Self-Assessment Examination

Use this self-assessment exam to gain an understanding of what areas you might need to cover more in your preparation for the CHC exam.

ASHE members get $85 discount.

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CHC Candidate Handbook & Application

Access the CHC candidate handbook to learn more about the exam, exam preparation tactics and more.

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