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Sustainability Tips

Energy to Care's Sustainability Tips gather real world examples from health care industry professionals all over the country to help readers like you thrive in energy sustainability best practices.

Tip #29

Enhancing Healthcare Sustainability: The Vital Role of Energy Management Plans in Hospitals

Jeff Hogan, Vice President of Sustainability at Environ Energy

Tip #28

“Sustaining” Sustainability - Enabling Operational Excellence Through Strategic Asset Management

Mark Mochel, Strategic Account Executive at Brightly Software

Tip #27

Sustainable Processes for Barrier Management in Today’s Healthcare Environment

Kelly Mason, Director of Healthcare Partnerships, Specified Technologies Inc.

Tip #26

4 Ways Digitization Helps Health Care Facilities Become More Efficient

By Warren Rosebraugh, Solution Architects Director, Schneider Electric

Tip #25

The Best of Both Worlds: Optimizing Energy Spend While Reducing Infection Risk in Health Care Environments

By Robbie Davis, Senior Product Manager, Digital Solutions at Johnson Controls

Tip #24

The Sustainable Route: How Choosing Motorized over Solenoid Hardware Can ‘LEED’ to a More Sustainable Hospital

By Tim Weller, AHC/CDC, FDAI, Manager of Codes, Standards and Sustainability, Allegion

Tip #23

How to Overcome Barriers to Transformative Energy Management in Health Care

By Jennifer Black, Craig Walter and Ian Larson

Tip #22

Energy-As-A-Service Shifts Focus from Operations Back to Patients

By Rob Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Bernhard

Tip #21

In 2020 We Got Ready. Will We Stay Ready?

By Angie Stokes, Christy Festch and Jon Lehr

Tip #20

What is the ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE 189.3 Standard?

By Doug Fick, PE, PMP, LEED BD+C, CMTA

Tip #19

ASHE Proudly Announces the Release of its Revamped Energy to Care Dashboard
New features offer a clean, user-friendly interface for quick interpretation relevant to sophisticated and novice users alike

By Josh and Lindsey Brackett, Faculty for ASHE Energy to Care Educational Programs

Tip #18

Closing the Gap Between High Efficiency Design and High Efficiency Operations

By Ryan Allsop, Director, Energent Solutions

Tip #17

Developing a Green Team is Key to Your Energy to Care Success

By David Lockhart, CHFM, CEM, SASHE, Support Services Administrator, Roseville Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente

Tip #16

Reducing Operational Costs Through Energy Efficiency

By Kara Brooks, Sustainability Program Manager, ASHE

Tip #15

Sustainability Messaging to Motivate

By Shannon Bunsen, Sustainability Project Manager for Mazzetti+GBA

Tip #14

Energy to Care Award Myths Busted
Savings are easier, cheaper, and not where you're looking!

By Kevin Gombotz, PE, Vice President, Envinity, Inc.

Tip #13

Yes, Your ENERGY STAR® Score Probably Changed in August

By Clark Reed, National Program Manager, ENERGY STAR, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Tip #12

Finding Energy Savings in Places You Didn’t Think to Look

By Justin Carron, Global Healthcare Segment Manager, Eaton

Tip #11

Maximizing Your Environment with Optimum Chiller Performance

By Fawn Staerkel, Director, Healthcare and Performance InfrastructureTM, Johnson Controls Building Solutions North America

Tip #10

The First Step in the “Long Push" – How to Get Started with a Self-Funded Energy Sustainability Program

By Lindsey Brackett, Health Care Facilities Operational Efficiency and Solutions Expert

Tip #9

Applying Advanced Analytics to Improve Health Care Facility Operations

By James Dice, PE, CEM, CMVP, Vice President of Strategic Solutions, Sitton Energy Solutions

Tip #8

You Win with People

By Marty Lanning, CMVP and LEED AP, Founder and CEO, Energent Solutions

Tip #7

Energy Procurement

By Ryan W. Ollie, CEM, CMVP, EIT, Manager of Energy Solutions, Facilities, Advocate Health Care

Tip #6

Energy Treasure Hunts

By Clark Reed, U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR®

Tip #5

Setting Priorities for Efficiency

By Kathleen Stanley, CEM, CLEAResult Consulting

Tip #4

Sustainability Engagement Benefits & Strategies

By Shannon Bunsen, Sustainability Project Manager for Mazzetti+GBA

Tip #3

Kitchen Ventilation

By Brent Morris, West Region Business Development Manager for Intelli-Hood at Melink Corporation

Tip #2

Translating the Cost of Energy Reduction

By Kara Brooks, LEED AP BD & C, ASHE Sustainability Program Manager

Tip #1

Energy Management? Where Do I Start?

By Kara Brooks, LEED AP BD & C, ASHE Sustainability Program Manager