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The Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) exam features questions organized into five broad domains: compliance; planning, design, and construction; maintenance and operations; finance; and administration. ASHE is working to develop a list of resources useful to those preparing for the exam, and the list below is an initial version. ASHE will continue to develop this list as members provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.



Why should you become a CHFM?

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Share your CHFM Story – Don's Story

Meet Don Page, Director of Engineering, 2024 ASHE Advisory Board Member and a Certified Health Care Facility Manager! Don wanted to earn his CHFM because his stand-alone facility "relies on me for direction related to compliance, budgeting, and overall maintenance for the organization. The CHFM made me a better facility director when situations arise that need to be addressed."

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While the following resources may be helpful in preparing for the exam, though this is not a complete list and this reading material does not cover exam questions directly. ASHE does not have access to the questions on the exam, which is offered through the AHA Certification Center. This list is intended to be a starting point for those interested in studying for the CHFM exam, as well as a list of general reading for all health care facility professionals.

If you are not sure which materials you should focus on, consider starting by reading the detailed domains in the CHFM Candidate Handbook and Application or by taking the CHFM Self-Assessment Exam to find your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not yet an ASHE member, consider joining to gain access to the members-only resources and discounts listed below.

Recommended Areas of Focus for the CHFM Exam


Exam Preparation/Readiness Review

The American Hospital Association Certification Center contracts with PSI to administer the CHFM exam. The exam is available online at PSI Assessment Centers. Learn more about how to prepare for the CHFM exam below. 

Veteran Benefits

If you qualify for VA benefits, you can get the cost of the CHFM exam covered! 

After you register and pay for the exam of your choice, fill out an Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees (VA Form 22-0803). Send the completed application and proof of payment to your Regional Processing Office. If you need help, call the VA toll-free at 1-888-422-4551 or visit the VA website.    



CHFM Exam Review Course

Through a combination of lecture, CHFM exam-simulated practice test questions, and study materials, you will feel more confident to take the CHFM exam and also review best practices for taking a computer-based test.

ASHE members get a $100 discount.

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CHFM Self-Assessment Examination & Flashcards

Use this self-assessment exam, or these flash cards to gain an understanding of what areas you might need to cover more in your preparation for the CHFM exam.

ASHE members get $85 discount.

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CHFM Candidate Handbook & Application

Access the CHFM candidate handbook to learn more about the exam, exam preparation tactics and more.

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