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PDC Summit Attendee Tools


PDC Summit Attendee Tools

March 17-20, San Diego
Get a head start on connecting with other attendees by posting on social media!

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Scroll down to find downloadable social media images, plus example posts you can use! Remember, you can put your own spin on the text for a more personalized message to your network.





Sample Social Media Posts


Social Media Graphics



Content Ideas For Social Success

We’ve got your graphic needs covered–now is the time to strategize how you can build brand awareness and community engagement with consistent content and outreach. Here are our recommendations for raising awareness about your products, building relationships, and promoting your attendance at the conference:


  • Take a picture of your team behind the scenes prepping for the conference.
  • Take a team photo or video introducing your staff at your booth.
  • Create a photo or video teaser of a new product launch.
  • Emphasize an unveiling by sharing a picture of the product wrapped up or under a covering.
  • Snap a picture with the product or packaging peeping out of the corner.

At the Conference 

  • Post a photo or a timelapse video of your booth setup.
  • Create a behind the scenes video or Reel of your staff working the booth.
  • Create a Reel that shows attendees interacting with your products. 
  • Reveal teasers for new products.
  • Highlight your products/product lines on display at your booth.

Post Conference

  • Share photo and video highlights of your time at PDC Summit.
  • Share photos of other attendees you met at your and during the conference.
  • Show what you saw on the show floor when you were able to sneak away from your booth. 
  • Share photos of your team/staff back in the office settling in after the show.