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Fire Door Inspection Resources

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ASHE is developing resources to help members comply with new Conditions of Participation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which requires routine inspections of fire doors performed by "qualified persons." You don't need to have a special certification or third party training to be qualified, but ASHE is working to provide members with the information they need to create and implement door inspection and maintenance programs.



ASHE Publication

Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors: A How-To Guide to Egress and Fire Door Safety
By Keith E. Pardoe

Safe doors save lives. The ultimate purpose of a door maintenance program is to ensure people can move through buildings safely, especially in an emergency. Although doors serve necessary security, convenience, and temperature and cost control functions, these aspects are secondary to protecting people. Hospital door maintenance is closely scrutinized even as code requirements are regularly revised.

The Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Handbook translates into layman’s terms the codes and requirements for door safety in today’s hospitals. Valuable information and tips for keeping doors in safe working condition are provided, including rules for maintaining swinging door assemblies and a readily accessible list of questions to ask when selecting door assemblies.

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ASHE Education

Door Inspection and Maintenance Workshop
Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) are looking at door maintenance programs in new and different ways. Although the code does not require anyone to have special training to inspect or maintain facility doors, this program will help ensure you are in compliance when surveyed, and will help you confidently discuss your door maintenance program when surveyors visit. Attendees will also receive a copy of the ASHE Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Handbook, a how-to guide to egress and fire door safety specific to health care facilities.

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