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Project Firstline Explainer Video Series

Reducing the Risk of Infections through Temporary Conversion to Negative Pressure 

As a dedicated health care facility manager, you understand the importance of patient safety. At the heart of delivering high-quality care is ensuring that your health care environment remains safe and sterile. We are proud to introduce a valuable resource that will empower you and your team to reinforce the critical role of ventilation in health care settings.

In collaboration with the American Hospital Association (AHA), the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) is excited to present the ASHE PFL Explainer Videos. These videos have been carefully crafted as part of the Project Firstline Initiative, a nationwide effort to enhance infection prevention and control.

We understand that effective communication is vital across the health care environment. That's why our videos are available in both English and Spanish, ensuring that you can educate and empower your entire team, including frontline staff, with ease.

Build Your Knowledge Base Utilizing Best Practices

Why is pressure important to
infection prevent and control (English)

BEST IPC scenario,
exhaust air to the outside (English)

Second best IPC scenario,
exhaust air to the corridor (English)


Third best IPC scenario,
exhaust air to HVAC system (English)

Fourth best IPC scenario,
HVAC servicing multiple rooms (English)