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On July 31, 2020 we will be discontinuing the Career Map Self-Assessment Tool. Another ASHE resource you may find valuable is the Succession Planning Monograph, which outlines the health care competencies that this tool was built off of and enables readers to plan for professional growth.


ASHE members can use this online self-assessment tool to help identify greatest professional strengths, largest gaps, and learning needs.

It only takes 15 minutes to complete this online skill assessment to identify your unique professional strengths and areas of improvement. Upon completion, you’ll receive a customized list of suggested tools and resources to help you improve your skillset and expand your knowledge base.

Access the Career Map
To begin your self assessment, click the button below and login with your current ASHE website credentials (no need to remember another new password!)

Let’s get started!


The quiz-formatted assessment allows you to self-rate your performance in a particular skill and then rate how important you view that skill to your role. Example below.




The online self-assessment takes approximately 15 minutes, and after, you will be provided with a detailed report. Your personal and private report will highlight areas that are your greatest strengths and note your skill gaps—or areas where you rated a skill of high importance to your role, but which you view your performance in that skill as low. The ASHE Career Map report will help guide your efforts in improving the necessary skills to be more valued and effective in your role. Example below.

Note: You can save your progress while taking your self-assessment. However, responses to your self-assessment will be final once clicking ‘Submit.’ Take care in answering honestly and thoughtfully. No one but you will see your results.




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