SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, Medical Campus Renewal Project


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Our Project

HGA was the planning and design architect for this 800,000-squarefoot replacement academic medical center, in partnership with The Lawrence Group as Architect of Record. The project consists of three parts — inpatient tower, ambulatory care center and campus commons — that create a leading-edge collaborative health care and education campus.

Universal patient units reflect the unique culture of St. Louis University Hospital (SLUH) as a teaching hospital, and strategic physical relationships between departments support optimal functional relationships and ensure operational efficiency. The biophilic and evidence-based design approach focuses on elevated human experience and improved clinical outcomes. Each space includes accents, motifs and artwork reflecting the adjacent neighborhoods to provide a welcoming environment and to celebrate local culture. The new campus reaches far beyond the hospital walls to serve as a catalyst for significant development of the southwest end of the central business district in St. Louis.

Our Approach to Health Care Projects

Our process is rooted in a culture of continuous improvement and a deep understanding of human needs. We use research, data science, Lean methodologies and rapid prototyping to develop unique insights to transform environments of health with holistic, value-driven design. We collaborate with clients to translate discovery into knowledge, and ideas into beautiful, highly functional places that reflect their organizational promise, facilitate productive work, provide comfort and promote health.

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, Medical Campus Renewal Project

Region: Region 8

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Square Footage: 711,928

Completion Date: August 2020





HGA is an integrated design firm with twelve offices nationwide. Our goal with every collaboration is to deliver creative, elegant solutions to complex healthcare design challenges that increase operational efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and elevate human experience.

We merge research, ethnography, lean process improvement, data analytics, and design thinking with architecture, engineering, and planning to transform environments of health through holistic, value-driven design.

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