Emergency Management Playbook Cover

Emergency Management Playbook:

A Back-to-Basics Approach to Infection Control and Emergency Management for Health Care Facilities 

This eBook shares emergency management and infection control best practices learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that health care facilities managers, infection control practitioners, emergency managers, incident management teams and environmental services professionals can use to plan for and respond to emergency situations impacting the health care physical environment.

Understanding the fundamentals in this playbook will help build a foundation upon which an emergency management team can make informed decisions that reduce risk, including infection control risk, to patients and residents as they arise. A well-executed emergency plan will mitigate the spread of infection for the duration of the event and through the following recovery period, keeping all patients, visitors and employees safe until normal operations are restored.

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This playbook:

  • Provides an overview of facility management recommendations for responding to emergency situations, as viewed through an infection prevention lens.
  • Provides guidance for emergency planning.
  • Addresses use of temporary compliance.
  • Discusses how to correlate actions with incident command systems.
  • Provides guidance on alternate care sites.

Access the Supplemental Infection Prevention and Control Considerations Guide

Facility Engineers and Infection Preventionists can use this guide as a compliment to the ASHE Emergency Management Playbook to collaborate in all mitigation, preparation, response and recovery stages.

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