Powered for Patients

ASHE and Powered for Patients are working together on a Health Care Leadership Initiative on Maintenance of Power—a project that aims to start a about providing appropriate backup power in hospitals.

ASHE has long been focused on this critical issue, and has been working with Powered for Patients since that organization was created in 2014 to address the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy.

The initiative aims to:

  • Create a dialogue around the role of hospitals and other health care facilities in maintaining power.
  • Address questions of how cogeneration and microgrid technologies fit into strategies for maintaining power, and how we can implement a best practices approach.
  • Explore how health facilities can allocate limited resources for needed investments in non-revenue generating backup power systems and investments in revenue generating equipment.
  • Provide resources to help spur further action around power maintenance best practices.

Several sessions at the 2016 International Summit & Exhibition for Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction explore these issues. 

A monograph published in 2017 further discusses these issues.

Access the Monograph

The initiative is sponsored by Eaton and Blue Pillar.

For more information on Powered for Patients, the Healthcare Leadership Initiative on Maintenance of Power, or how you can get involved, visit Powered for Patients.