Start a Chapter

The goal of local ASHE chapters is to enable people with the same interests to come together on a regular basis to share their experiences and ideas; and to encourage each other in optimizing the health care facilities management field, while maintaining safe and healing environments.

ASHE local chapters are composed of ASHE members and others in the profession that live in a particular geographic location who organize themselves to promote the goals of the American Hospital Association and ASHE cooperatively.

Benefits of being a local chapter member

Chapters serve as a medium for its members to meet and share their professional experiences. The most valuable benefit of being a local member is the opportunity to network with others in the same profession. Chapter meetings and activities allow members to expand their knowledge bases and gain new insights. Chapters provide the opportunity for members to provide continuous education between annual conferences and hold programs locally. Members learn about information in the field such as code and standards update and construction management.

How to Start a Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the first step I must take to start a chapter?
    Answer: Contact the ASHE Board Member in your region. Your regional representative will talk with you about being a chapter and any expectations for affiliation. They will also aid you in creating your chapter and guide you through the process of getting approval from ASHE for chapter status. Please click here to identify the Board Member for your ASHE region.

  2. Do you have information on best practices on starting a chapter?
    Answer: Yes, please contact ASHE’s staff liaison, Avis Gordon, who will send you the information you need to help start a chapter. Contact Avis Gordon at

  3. 3Will the group have to sign an affiliation agreement?
    Answer: Any group wanting to become an affiliated chapter must sign an affiliation agreement. The affiliation agreements are developed according to the status of the group. If the group is not associated with a state hospital association, they must sign the primary affiliation agreement. If the chapter is affiliated with a state hospital association they must sign the State Hospital Association agreem.

  4. Are there specific criteria that each chapter must meet to become an affiliated chapter?
    Answer: The group must meet 13 specific criteria to become affiliated with ASHE. After becoming affiliated, the Chapter must continue to meet the criteria status from the date of signing the affiliation agreement forward. The Chapter must immediately inform ASHE of any change in the chapter’s compliance with any of these requirements. If the Chapter does not meet the criteria at any time one year or more after the date of signing the agreement, ASHE will terminate chapter status as permitted by Section 8 of the Affiliation Agreement.

             Criteria for Affiliation Status

    1. The chapter must have at least 20 members (must be non-student).
    2. Chapters with less than 100 members must have at least 15 members who are also ASHE members. Chapters with 100 or more members must have a minimum of 15% of its members who also are ASHE members. If the group is unsure of the number of members who are also ASHE members, they can request a membership list of members in their area for comparison. This list is only shared with groups who have shown a serious interest in starting a chapter.
    3. The President and President-Elect of the chapter must be ASHE members.
    4. The chapter must fully execute a chapter agreement with ASHE.
    5. The chapter must have obtained its own Employer Identification Number*.
    6. The chapter must maintain a bank account in the chapter’s name*.
    7. The chapter must be incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and be in good standing in its state of incorporation*.
    8. The chapter must have a mission statement that helps advance ASHE’s mission*
    9. The chapter must be governed by bylaws that are compliant with relevant bylaws.
    10. The chapter must obtain an exemption from federal income taxes under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Please click here for information on tax issues for exempt organizations.
    11. The chapter must maintain aggregate general or umbrella liability insurance having a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and include proof of such insurance with its annual report.
    12. The chapter must maintain directors and officers liability insurance and include proof of such insurance with its annual report. To understand why your chapter needs this insurance. Contact a provider of D & O Insurance.
    13. *Groups wanting to form a chapter and is affiliated with the state hospital association are exempt from providing proof of these items.

    14. The chapter must submit an annual report each year by January 31.

  5. Are there any resources to help the group understand the expectations of the criteria?
    Answer: Yes, ASHE provides a toolkit to assist you with starting a chapter and maintain your chapter.

  6. If I have further questions, who on the ASHE Staff can I contact?
    Answer: ASHE has a dedicated staff to assist you with starting a chapter. Contact Avis Gordon, CEM, MMPA, DBA at 312-422-3806 or