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ASHE is Your One Trusted Resource For Optimizing the Health Care Built Environment.

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) is the largest association dedicated to optimizing the health care built environment. ASHE’s 12,000+ members design, build, and operate hospitals, and are involved in improving the health care physical environment from the time hospital blueprints are drawn throughout the lifespan of a facility. ASHE is a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association.

Joining ASHE provides you with access to a robust network of trusted resources to further enhance your experience as professional working in health care. Explore the society’s benefits below and join ASHE today!

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Explore ASHE Membership Rates

$150 Professional Active Member (PAM)
PAMs are directly employed by health care institutions (i.e., an organization that provides direct patient care) or hold a valid Certified Healthcare Facility Manager certification.
$200 Associate (ASC) Member
ASC members are individuals who are employed by a company or organization other than a health care facility who provide professional, technical, or consulting services.
$25 Retired Member
Retired Membership shall be available to Professional Active Members who have fully retired and still desire to belong to the Society. Retired Members may vote, serve on committees and participate in the Actions for Professional Excellence (APEx) recognition program, but may not hold office unless they are a current CHFM.
$25 Educator/Student Member
These individuals are full-time educators teaching or college students taking course work related to any discipline represented by ASHE. Educator/Student members may serve on committees and participate in the Actions for Professional Excellence (APex) recognition program, but may not vote or hold office.

How can you benefit from an ASHE membership?

ASHE members represent a diverse group of professionals who work to optimize the health care physical environment. When you join ASHE, you gain access to a robust network of 12,000+ professionals who are passionate about delivering safe and effective patient care environments. Plus, you will have access to several trusted resources to further enhance your experience as a professional working in health care.


  • Access trusted, peer-reviewed information and education opportunities focusing on codes and standards, health facility commissioning, infection prevention, planning, design, and construction, and strategies for communicating with the C-suite.
  • Get the latest updates on health care facility codes and standards and advocate on behalf of your facility.
  • Connect with 12,000+ professionals to share best practices and exchange innovative ideas.


  • Be the first to learn about industry updates that affect health care planning and design.
  • Gain insights on designing for operational excellence and sustainability through resources, education sessions, and conferences, including the PDC Summit.
  • Access resources and receive discounts for education sessions relating to evidence-based design.


  • Access trusted resources and education opportunities, such as the Health Care Construction Certificate Workshop (HCC) and Subcontractor E-learning Program, to gain insights for practicing construction in a health care environment.
  • Connect with 12,000+ industry professionals and network to build business relationships.
  • Be the first to learn about industry updates that affect health care construction and project management.


  • Connect with 12,000+ industry professionals and gain access to networking opportunities to build and foster business relationships.
  • Be recognized as a dedicated and trusted provider among your health care facility customers by aligning with ASHE.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that face health care facility professionals.

Explore the Benefits of ASHE

Explore the categories of resources below to view samples of ASHE’s membership offerings. Join our mailing list to receive a free copy of the latest edition of ASHE’s membership magazine, Inside ASHE.

Access to 12,000+ Health Care Facility Professionals

Industry News & Resources

Advocacy and Regulatory Compliance

  • Representation for regulatory needs (story of ASHE’s advocacy efforts)
  • Advocacy Report (members-only magazine; sample from 2013 issue)
  • Advocacy Alerts (sample of members-only e-news alerts about impending regulatory issues)
  • Member webinars  (sample of Joint Commission webinar with George Mills)

Professional Development