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The Joint CommissionThe Joint Commission has identified the top eight physical environment standards that are frequently cited during surveys of hospitals and other health care facilities. To help address these issues, ASHE is collaborating with the Joint Commission to provide resources that help facility professionals keep their organizations in compliance.

The Joint Commission has created a physical environment portal to house its resources related to these top issues. ASHE will be providing resources on this new Focus on Compliance website, including tools, best practices, and technical documents.

Every two months ASHE and the Joint Commission will focus on a new standard, with the previous information archived on this page to create a library of compliance resources. Watch this page in August for the first resources on utility systems.

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The hospital manages risks associated with its utility systems.
(August/September 2015)

The hospital maintains the integrity of the means of egress.
(October/November 2015)

The hospital establishes and maintains a safe, functional environment.
(December/January 2016)

The hospital maintains fire safety equipment and fire safety building features.
(February/March 2016)

Building and fire protection features are designed and maintained to minimize the effects of fire, smoke, and heat.
(April/May 2016)

The hospital provides and maintains building features to protect individuals from the hazards of fire and smoke.
(June/July 2016)

The hospital provides and maintains equipment for extinguishing fires.
(August/September 2016)

The hospital manages risks related to hazardous materials and waste.
(October/November 2016)

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