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Who are health care facility professionals?

We are the professionals who design, build, maintain, and operate hospitals and other types of health care facilities like clinics. Architects and designers plan new hospitals and renovations. Construction professionals carefully build facilities without disrupting patient care. Facility managers and engineers work to keep hospitals and their systems running smoothly—they work behind the scenes to keep the electricity running, the air conditioning flowing, and the environment safe.

While we are a diverse group of professionals, we all share a dedication to creating safe, healing spaces for patients. Our work helps save lives!

What is does a typical day look like for a facility professional?

There is no typical day! On any given day:

  • An architect or designer may be planning a hospital lobby that creates a calming mood to soothe worried patients.
  • A facility manager may be working to keep the power on during a storm so that sick patients relying on medical equipment remain safe.
  • An engineer may be working to install solar panels to save energy and create a more sustainable environment.
  • A construction worker may be renovating a hospital while ensuring patients are not exposed to dust or chemicals.
  • An engineer may be ensuring an isolation room works properly so that a contagious patient doesn’t make others sick.

Facility professionals solve problems, work on a variety of projects, and help others—every single day.

Why have others followed the health care facility career path?

Image: Testimonial by Jordan - Building Manager - Industrial Engineer: Health care can offer you a career, not just a job. This industry is full of passionate people who work hard every day to save lives
Image: Testimonial by Rachel - Industrial Engineering Technology Student: Students considering this field should know there are high paying jobs and many opportunities for promotion. Health care is dynamic — you can come from a wide range of backgrounds like engineering, building construction management, technology, and more
Image: Testimonial by Josh - Special Projects Manager: I have a passion for protecting people. My job is to ensure that the systems are working properly, staff is trained for emergencies, and the environment is safe

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