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Door Inspection Resources

ASHE is developing resources to help members comply with new Conditions of Participation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which requires routine inspections of fire doors performed by "qualified persons." You don't need to have a special certification or third party training to be qualified, but ASHE is working to provide members with the information they need to create and implement door inspection and maintenance programs.

Articles and guidance

ASHE publication

Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors: A How-To Guide to Egress and Fire Door Safety
This new book covers the ins and outs of creating a door inspection and maintenance program. The book covers door types, inspection and testing requirements, how to inspect doors, and recommended preventative maintenance practices. COMING SOON

ASHE education program

ASHE’s newest hosted program brings training on site so that your team can understand door inspection and maintenance. Your health care organization or local ASHE-affiliated chapter can host this program in a hospital so that attendees get real-world experience inspecting doors and creating a program to help keep the facility in compliance. COMING SOON

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