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Bringing Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Care Closer to the Community
Speakers: Kathy Bell, Stephen J. Carbery, Terri Frink, and Mary O'Connor

Examine the impact of the design of a multi-disciplinary clinic on staff efficiency, communication between providers, value and quality of care, and the patient experience.

Date: 2017 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:01:37


General Session: Overcoming National Challenges in the Health Care Built Environment
Speakers: Joe M. Powell, Frank F. Aucremanne, Stella Fiotes, Walter B. Jones, Spencer Moore, Donald H. Orndoff, and Robert McCoole

Gain insight into topics such as reducing capital costs, developing a flexible health care infrastructure, defining the next generation's focus, and more.

Date: 2017 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:20:03


Research Tools to Address Health Care Design Challenges
Speaker: Carolyn Glaser

Find solutions to today's health care challenges with peer-reviewed research, expert interviews, and groundbreaking case studies that offer fresh ideas to address tough problems.

Date: April 20, 2016     Duration: 1:04:02


Culture at the CORE: The Impact of the Built Environment on Patient Satisfaction
Speaker: Lorissa MacAllister

Gain insight into the idea that the built environment can influence organizational culture and that the confluence of the two factors can have a significant impact on patient satisfaction.

Date: October 28, 2015     Duration: 0:43:5



Reinventing the PDC Process to Reduce Costs
Speaker: Michael Hatton

Discover how peer reviews throughout the design and construction process can help deliver more efficient projects, reduce costs, and maintain schedule.

Date: 2015 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:55:45


10 Forces Continuing to Change Health Care Design
Speakers: Peter Bardwell & Ray Pentecost

Discover the 10 driving forces changing health care design and how they will continue to influence the industry moving forward.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:09:44


An Owner-Driven BIM to FM Strategy: “Begin with the end in mind"
Speakers: Kenneth Kaiser and Shrimant Jaruhar

Develop a standardized building component data structure so that existing data systems can be effectively integrated with new systems to create a cohesive body of information.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:10:27


Hybrid Operating Rooms: The Challenge for Planning, Design and Construction
Speakers: Terry Miller and Lynne Ingle

Examine the development of the hybrid OR concept, supporting technology advancements, and the planning and design challenges.

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:


Lean Application for All Project Delivery Methods
Speakers: Mark Linenberger, Spencer Seals & Stewart Trapino

Explore and identify opportunities to employ lean principles effectively in health care project development and delivery. 

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:01:33


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