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NEW! Challenging the Status Quo in Surgery Design
Speakers: Tatiana Guimaraes

Learn how to identify the urgent need to challenge existing design practices and how designers accommodate this continuous change through flexibility and vision. This presentation highlights four different case studies that defy the current surgery design model.

Date: 2018 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:50:18


NEW! Balancing Form and Function in Today’s Psychiatric Facilities
Speakers: Erica Larson and John Ryan

Learn about the significant need for mental health services and facilities, the hurdles of navigating a specific legislative process, and the shifts in design for today’s non-institutionalized psychiatric settings.

Date: 2018 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:00:42


NEW! Codes and Standards Forum: Program + Planning
Speakers: Rebecca Lewis, Scott Miller, Jennifer Aliber, and Peter L. Bardwell

This forum reviews recurring code issues, explores case studies, and discusses improvements to the codes that regulate the programming and planning of hospitals and health care facilities.

Date: 2018 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:55:01


NEW! The 2018 AIA/AAH PDC Student Challenge
The purpose of the AIA/AAH PDC Planning + Design Student Challenge is to produce a compelling design-to-budget proposal with teammates drawn from a hat. This roundtable discussion with student faculty advisors covers team development and collaboration, and the issues and lessons addressed are not unlike those encountered by teams in real life.

Date: 2018 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:57:23


NEW! Neighborhood Health Care: Developing an Ambulatory Network
Speakers: Catherine Gow, James Snyder and Lynn Lang

Identify how populations are best served via community-based health care access to specialty care, and the care of medical conditions is improved by the quality within the community.

Date: 2018 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:00:47


A Safe Health Care Environment: Suicide, Self-Harm, and Ligature Risk Assessments
Speakers: Tim Adams, Sue Andersen, Kathy Tolomeo, David M. Sine, Kathryn Petrovic

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as the Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations are placing an increased emphasis on assessing risks and providing a physical environment consistent with the identified risks. This session focuses on the process of risk assessment and mitigation of behavioral health patient safety physical risks.

Duration: 1:19:42


This New Hospital
Speaker: ASHE

This New Hospital walks you through all the phases of a construction project from the planning to the occupancy phase. This program details the impact that renovation and construction has on a hospital including patients, visitors and staff. This New Hospital provides the viewer with an insider’s tour of what it truly takes to keep a hospital operational as the healing environment is renovated.

Duration: 0:32:01


Bringing Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Care Closer to the Community
Speakers: Kathy Bell, Stephen J. Carbery, Terri Frink, and Mary O'Connor

Examine the impact of the design of a multi-disciplinary clinic on staff efficiency, communication between providers, value and quality of care, and the patient experience.

Date: 2017 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:01:37


General Session: Overcoming National Challenges in the Health Care Built Environment
Speakers: Joe M. Powell, Frank F. Aucremanne, Stella Fiotes, Walter B. Jones, Spencer Moore, Donald H. Orndoff, and Robert McCoole

Gain insight into topics such as reducing capital costs, developing a flexible health care infrastructure, defining the next generation's focus, and more.

Date: 2017 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:20:03


Research Tools to Address Health Care Design Challenges
Speaker: Carolyn Glaser

Find solutions to today's health care challenges with peer-reviewed research, expert interviews, and groundbreaking case studies that offer fresh ideas to address tough problems.

Date: April 20, 2016     Duration: 1:04:02


Culture at the CORE: The Impact of the Built Environment on Patient Satisfaction
Speaker: Lorissa MacAllister

Gain insight into the idea that the built environment can influence organizational culture and that the confluence of the two factors can have a significant impact on patient satisfaction.

Date: October 28, 2015     Duration: 0:43:5



Reinventing the PDC Process to Reduce Costs
Speaker: Michael Hatton

Discover how peer reviews throughout the design and construction process can help deliver more efficient projects, reduce costs, and maintain schedule.

Date: 2015 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:55:45


10 Forces Continuing to Change Health Care Design
Speakers: Peter Bardwell & Ray Pentecost

Discover the 10 driving forces changing health care design and how they will continue to influence the industry moving forward.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:09:44


An Owner-Driven BIM to FM Strategy: “Begin with the end in mind"
Speakers: Kenneth Kaiser and Shrimant Jaruhar

Develop a standardized building component data structure so that existing data systems can be effectively integrated with new systems to create a cohesive body of information.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:10:27


Hybrid Operating Rooms: The Challenge for Planning, Design and Construction
Speakers: Terry Miller and Lynne Ingle

Examine the development of the hybrid OR concept, supporting technology advancements, and the planning and design challenges.

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:


Lean Application for All Project Delivery Methods
Speakers: Mark Linenberger, Spencer Seals & Stewart Trapino

Explore and identify opportunities to employ lean principles effectively in health care project development and delivery. 

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:01:33


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