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AMC Benchmarking Study: Facility Condition Assessment and Asset Management
Speaker: Tony Groh, Alexa Braun and Nina Wollman

Learn how academic medical centers collect, manage, and leverage facility condition information as well as how that data informs renewal and capital planning decision making.

Date: 2017 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:56:41


Workplace Violence: Best Practices for the Worst Case
Speakers: Connie Packard, Thomas A. Smith and Kevin Tuohey

Explore the unique risks in health care facilities as well as standards and guidelines aimed at reducing workplace violence and integration of preventative and response measures into the built environment.

Date: January 17, 2017     Duration: 0:58:52


Saving Resources Through Proactive Leadership and Advocacy
Speaker: Dave Dagenais

Explore ways to lead proactively, create patient-centered approaches, and avoid reflexive, defensive actions in order to prevent unnecessary costs and highlight your value as a facility manager.

Date: December 2, 2016     Duration: 0:54:38


Intelligent Health Care Energy Infrastructure Partnerships
Speaker: Scott Higgins

Explore how the combination of business models, technology, and incentives can enhance the energy supply and improve energy systems in health care environments.

Date: October 26, 2016     Duration: 0:56:23


Best Practices from the 2016 Vista Award Winners
Speakers: Robert Reardon and Leslie Hanson

Discover how project teams can work together to facilitate complex design and initiatives, and overcome setbacks and challenges to achieve successful outcomes. Hear from 2016 Vista Award recipients.

Date: 2016 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:11:56


Execution and Return on Investment of Reliability Centered Maintenance
Speakers: Andrew Jones and Ashley Roberts

Discover the ways in which robust engineering design standards can benefit a facility, how to create a financial plan for future projects, and how to present these concepts to decision makers.

Date: 2016 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:38:45


Smart Money Now vs. Dumb Money Later: Using Standards & Financial Planning to Reduce Unnecessary Lifetime Costs
Speakers: Andrew Jones and Ashley Roberts

Discover the ways in which robust engineering design standards can benefit a facility, how to create a financial plan for future projects, and how to present these concepts to decision makers.

Date: 2016 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:


Maximizing the Potential of Multigenerational Teams
Speakers: Tim Adams, Jordan Northcutt, Art Kjos, and Rob “Waldo” Waldman

Learn about the benefits of a multigenerational workplace and gain insight into how to effectively maximize a generationally-diverse team.

Date:      Duration: 0::46:12


Facility Operations in the Scheme of the Facility: Tools for the In-House Model
Speakers: Damian Skelton and Nhut T. Bui

Discover how capital is defined and how it works within your program, identify ways to reduce costs without reducing staff, and learn how you can use data to provide paybacks to your facility.

Date: 2016 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:46:22


Alternate Equipment Maintenance (AEM) Risk Assessments
Speaker: David Stymiest

Learn about AEM inclusion risk assessments and strategies to ensure CMS compliance.

Date: 2016 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:58:41


Active Shooter - Best Practices for the Worst Case
Speakers: Kevin Tuhoey, Constance Packard, and Thomas Smith

Gain insight into the elements of an active shooter response plan, and discover how to integrate preventative and response measures into the built environment.

Date: July 11, 2016     Duration: 0:57:01


What You Need to Know About Workplace Violence Prevention
Speakers: Terry Soloman

Discover the measures that should be taken to keep health care employees and patients safe. Find ways to increase awareness of workplace violence, learn how hospitals assess risks, and more.

Date: April 12, 2016     Duration: 0:40:57


Capital Spending and Allocating Funds in a Health System
Speakers: Gerry Kaiserand Ronald van Vilsteren

Learn abut the process health systems use to allocate capital funds for projects, and how to make your projects more attractive when pitching them.

Date: 2015 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:00:54


Finding Optimal Staffing Levels to Support the Bottom Line
Speakers: Gerry Kaiser and Lindsey Brackett

Identify the key relationship between staffing levels and patient care. Discover what optimization looks like, and learn how you can use the ASHE and IFMA tools to benchmark staffing levels and costs.

Date: 2014 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:58:47


Seven Levers to Maximize Value
Speakers: Robert Gesing and John Chory

See real-life examples to understand where and how to place seven "levers" that can benefit a health care system and maximize profitability in a constantly changing environment.

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 0:59:23


Increasing FM Marketability: Understanding The Big Picture
Speaker: Bert Gumeringer

Discover tools you can use to succeed in the ever-changing health care environment including annual reports, business plans, monthly operating reports, and others.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 1:02:42 /p>


Maximizing Your Rural Hospital's Place in the Community
Speakers: Laura Rygielski-Preston and Charlotte Burns

Learn how a rural medical facility with limited access to capital resources carried out a project to improve its infrastructure while increasing patient and staff satisfaction, productivity, and more.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:57:24


A Long Push in the Same Direction: Using a Long Range Strategic Plan and a Sound Business Case to Secure Approval and Funding for Infrastructure Upgrades
Speakers: Ed Tinsley, Mark Smith, Gerry Kaiser, and Mike Fullerton

Develop a long-range strategic infrastructure plan and associated business case to secure approval and funding for a series of coordinated infrastructure projects and upgrades. 

Date: 2013 PDC Summit     Duration: 1:15:56


Finance 101 for Facility Managers
Speaker: William Deitenbeck

Gain a basic understanding of the time value of money and other financial tools, how financials are used in decision making, and how to present a financial analysis to an executive officer.

Date: 2012 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:58:50


Practical Preparedness for Workplace Violence in Health Care Facilities
Speakers: Ken Murkowski, Tom Davis and Mike Dunning

Use the University of Colorado Hospital's response to the tragic theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado as an example to guide your preparations to protect employees and patients.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:50:43


Excellence in Facilities Management: The Value of Using a Daily Safety Brief
Speaker: Tom Kinman, Jim Burger and Iona Canada

Gain insight into the elements of a successful hospital safety program including the use of a daily safety brief and response plans to address issues and concerns in real time.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:51:45


Reducing Temperature Variation in Patient Rooms
Speaker: Robert Ray

Use the Six Sigma DMAIC model to effectively reduce temperature variations in patient rooms in order to improve staff efficiency, costs, and patient experience.

Date: 2013 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:42:22


Fundamentals of Facility Management and Operations
Speakers: Tom Stewart and Jonathan Flannery

Gain a basic understanding of facility management and operations including the difference between a capital and an operating budget, codes and standards, and more.

Date: 2012 Annual Conference     Duration: 0:


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