Health Facility Commissioning® Program

0.5 Day =  4 CECs
1 Day = 7 CECs

2 Days = 12.5 CECs

Harness significant ROI for your facility using ASHE’s commissioning process.

Health Facility Commissioning, or HFCx, as described in the ASHE Health Facilities Commissioning Handbook and the Guidelines provide a robust set of tools that can help your health care organization achieve its envisioned return on investment in facilities and equipment. Ultimately, ASHE’s process to health facility commissioning will help you optimize the physical health care environment to meet your organization’s strategic mission.

This course presents a business case for HFCx. It will teach you how to develop a business plan that presents the value to the health care organization’s executive leadership and demonstrate the return on investment of embracing the HFCx process. Critical aspects of HFCx are discussed in this course with emphasis placed on a collaborative effort that brings the health care organization, design team, constructors, and commissioning agent together. This team shares the responsibility for assuring that the owner’s project requirements are met. The course also shows you how HFCx can be scaled to various project scopes.

Provided with this program:

  • Two-day seminar
  • On-site course materials
  • Certificate of course completion

Intended Audience

  • Health care facility owners
  • Health care facility managers
  • Architects and design engineers
  • Contractors/health care facility constructors
  • Health facility commissioning authorities

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement the essential components of an HFCx business plan.
  • Develop energy efficiency goals and use a commissioning process that insures long-term achievement of those goals.
  • Define the purpose of the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR).
  • Define the purpose of the Basis of Design (BOD).
  • Prepare a commissioning scope.
  • Create requirements for selection of the commissioning authority.
  • Evaluate operational objectives and develop dashboards for reporting and monitoring key data.
  • Use the ASHE Health Facilities Commissioning Handbook and the Guidelines as tools in implementing and managing an effective commissioning, re-commissioning, or retro-commissioning process.


1 CEC = 1 contact hour

0.5 Day = 4 CECs
1 Day = 7 CECs
2 Days = 12.5 CECs

Credit hours can be used toward the renewal of the Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) credential and the Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) credential.

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