Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Handbook

ASHE Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Cover

Safe doors save lives.

The ultimate purpose of a door maintenance program is to ensure people can move through buildings safely, especially in an emergency. Although doors serve necessary security, convenience and temperature and cost control functions, these aspects are secondary to protecting people. Hospital door maintenance is closely scrutinized even as code requirements are regularly revised.

The Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Doors Handbook translates into layman’s terms the codes and requirements for door safety in today’s hospitals. Valuable information and tips for keeping doors in safe working condition are provided, including rules for maintaining swinging door assemblies and a readily accessible list of questions to ask when selecting door assemblies.

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Publication details:

Product Code 055586 (Print)
Pages 200
Category Health Care Facilities Management
Author ASHE
Published 2018

Table of Contents Overview:

  • Top 10 Rules for Maintaining Swinging Door Assemblies
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask When Selecting Door Assembly Components
  • Introduction
  1. Getting to Know Your Swinging Door Assemblies | Principles of Door Safety Inspections
  2. Doors with Electrified Locking Hardware Components and Functions
  3. Powerhouse Equipment
  4. Door Usage Types and Categories
  5. Door Maintenance Priority Levels
  6. Preventative Maintenance Recommendations and Practices
  7. Repairing Fire Rated Door Frames and Doors
  8. Implementing Your Door Maintenance Program
  9. Inspection and Testing Overview
  10. NFPA 80’s Door Safety Inspection and Testing Requirements | Checklists for NFPA 80’s Safety Inspections of Fire Rated Doors
  11. NFPA 101’s Inspection and Testing Requirements | Checklists for NFPA 101’s Safety Inspections of Door Openings
  12. NFPA 105’s Inspection and Testing Requirements | Checklists for NFPA 105’s Safety Inspections of Smoke Door Assemblies
  13. Performing Door Assembly Safety Inspections and Testing
  14. Swinging Door Component Terminology
  15. Informational Resources | Glossary of Code and Standard Terminology | Index of Tables | Index of Figures