ASHE: FGI Guidelines e-Learning Course

2010 FGI Guidelines e-Learning Course


***NOTE: As of December 29, 2017, this e-learning course is no longer being offered. All current users will continue to have access to the end of 2018.***


The FGI Guidelines provide minimum program, space, and design requirements for hospitals and other health care facilities. This program is designed to help you stay in compliance with the Guidelines and offers 24/7 access to specific topics included in this important document.

Tailor your learning: Customize your learning experience to suit your needs by choosing from more than 130 educational segments covering specific topics from the Guidelines and engage in valuable training and information straight from the experts.


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Intended Audience

Architects, designers, engineers, interior designers, facility managers, safety directors, risk managers, nursing home safety directors, construction professionals, health care facility consultants, infection preventionists, clinicians, inspectors, surveyors, authorities having jurisdiction, and anyone interested in the design and construction of health care facilities

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the overall structure and organization of the Guidelines to more efficiently design, regulate, and comply with the Guidelines.
  • Define and apply:
    • The Requirements by facility type
    • The Requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170
    • The Requirements to perform a patient safety risk assessment
    • The Requirements to perform a patient handling and movement assessment (PHAMA)
  • Determine the essential information required in the functional program to identify a provider’s goals and objectives for the environment of care.
  • Discuss the process for submitting proposals for revisions in subsequent editions, the Guidelines revision process, and requests for interpretation.


Earn CEUs for each finished module upon completion of a self-assessment. Each module offers a different number of CEUs (contact hours) based on the length of its segments.

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