EOC and Life Safety Self-Assessment Checklist

Tool for Assessing Compliance with Joint Commission Life Safety Specialist Areas of Emphasis

This checklist can be used to help evaluate a facility's compliance with certain elements of the 2010 Joint Commission Environment of Care and Life Safety standards that might be reviewed by a Life Safety Specialist Surveyor.

The checklist is not all inclusive of items that are subject to survey and is not a substitute for reading and understanding the Joint Commission Environment of Care and Life Safety standards. It is a tool that can be used to assess your facility’s compliance with the items listed. Possible uses for this tool are:

  • Use the checklist for training staff about compliance issues.
  • Review your documentation. For items that have a specific testing frequency, verify that your documentation clearly demonstrates that your facility is in compliance. If you have difficulty understanding or explaining your documentation, an authority having jurisdiction will likely have difficulty understanding it also.
  • If maintenance and testing are performed by a vendor, verify that their documentation is complete. Verify that tests have been performed within the prescribed timeframes and that the documentation clearly identifies what was tested and how the testing was performed.
  • Use this checklist as a periodic review and submit it to your Safety or Environment of Care Committee as part of the review of your program.
  • Have someone in your organization who is not as familiar with your documentation or as close to the process use the chart to evaluate your documentation as a double check to be sure it understandable and complete.