Construction Details: Recommendations for Health Care Facilities

A series of construction details for health care facilities has been compiled for use by ASHE members by the 2009 ASHE Planning, Design, and Construction Management Committee. The committee was assisted by students from the Healthcare Construction Management Specialization program in the Department of Building Construction Management at Purdue University lead by Professor Gregory Lasker.

The information provided is based on best practices submitted by ASHE members and a variety of institutional standard-of-practice documents used in the construction of health care facilities. The compilation focuses primarily on the needs of smaller hospital facilities, which may not have staff members with design or construction experience.


The construction details compilation provides guidance for establishing construction standards for use in new construction, renovation, or equipment replacement activities in health care facilities, including methods for installing equipment and materials during construction activities. The document is not a technical specification to be used for construction and is not intended to replace national, state, or local code requirements. Rather, it is intended as a guide to technical needs that can help facility staff formulate direction for the professional architecture and engineering consultants employed by their health care institution.

Comments and Feedback

ASHE intends to publish updates and revisions to this document periodically. ASHE members are encouraged to submit remarks, suggestions for specific additions for committee consideration, or draft material for new sections. Please e-mail your suggestions to, using "Construction Details for Health Care Facilities" as the subject.