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Monograph: Evaluating Electrical Distribution Equipment to Determine Replacement Needs

Published: by Krista McDonald Biason

Subject matter: Codes and standards, Design, Construction, Maintenance, Utilities, Facility management, Facility engineering, Risk management, Equipment | Resource format: Monograph/white paper

As health care facilities undergo remodeling projects, the belief--or hope--often exists that current facilities are capable of handling increased electrical loads. But a piecemeal... read more

HITF interpretations, June 2008

Published: by NFPA

Subject matter: Codes and standards | Resource format: Interpretation

NFPA Health Care Interpretations Task Force (HITF) June 2008 interpretations on: Inspection of portable fire extinguishers Existing fire alarm systems Storage rooms 50 SF or smaller Operation of doors in the means of egress

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