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Step 1: Facility Registration
The first step in the registration process is to establish an account through the WMTS Coordination Database administered by Comsearch. You can access the database from ASHE's website or through You will need to provide information on the hospital or main facility where telemetry equipment will be installed. There is a one-time administrative fee of $200 to register a facility.

Step 2: Device Registration
After a facility is registered, the WMTS devices must be entered into the WMTS Coordination Database. You can access the database from ASHE's website or through Once in the WMTS database, you will be prompted to do the following: enter site and equipment information, perform a frequency search, select frequencies, pay a device registration fee (see the Pricing Summary section below) and download a certificate of coordination. Please see the WMTS Deployment Form in the User Information Guide for specific information required to enter the devices.

Pricing Summary
The following prices have been established for WMTS registration services. Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice. Currently, the system accepts credit card payments and purchase orders. To use an alternate method of payment, please contact or call Comsearch at 1-800-318-1234.

Facility Registration Fee: $200 per facility
Device Registration Fee:

  • 608-614 MHz: $20 per transmitter (Min $250/ Max $1500)
  • 1395-1400 MHz: $20 per transmitter/access point (Min $250/ Max $1500)
  • 1427-1432 MHz: $30 per transmitter/access point (Min $300/ Max $2000)
  • Coordination with Radio Astronomy (only if necessary): $500 per deployment
  • Coordination with Government Radar (only if necessary): $500 per deployment

For additional information on registration, read our quick guide titled How to Register Your WMTS Telemetry System.


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