What motivates you in your health care career?


Subject Matter: Article | Topics: Architecture, Construction, Design, Planning

ASHE recently asked speakers at the International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction (PDC Summit) what motivates them in their health care careers. For architect J. Matthew Eastman, AIA, who has a child who has had several surgeries, health care represents a unique situation in which “the lives of people are dependent upon the quality of design.” For Suzen L. Heeley, executive director for design and construction at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, patients and caregivers are a source of inspiration. “They are the true health care heroes,” she said. Noah Kahn, AIA, director of project metrics and benchmarking at Kaiser Permanente, said health care buildings are complex and require “creativity and ingenuity at the highest level to produce a healing environment for individuals and families.” Check out what other speakers had to say and learn more about the challenges that will be addressed at the PDC Summit March 20-23.

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