Hurricane Harvey affects Texas hospitals


Authors: American Society for Healthcare Engineering | Subject Matter: Article | Topics: Emergency preparedness

Hurrican Harvey Hurricane Harvey has caused unprecedented flooding in the Houston area, and the storm continues to cause new challenges. ASHE has been in touch with several members in Texas hospitals, and is also communicating with the ASHE affiliated local chapter in Texas to find ways to best support recovery efforts. “We are in contact with a number of members who are working tirelessly to ensure their facilities can continue to care for patients during the storm,” said ASHE Executive Director PJ Andrus, MBA, CAE. “We are committed to supporting these members as they work to keep their facilities operational during the storm, as well as repair their hospitals once we know the full extent of the damages.” For those wanting to help with recovery options, several options are available. The Texas Hospital Association has created a relief fund to help hospital employees who experienced significant property loss or damage. The American Hospital Association has contributed an initial $50,000 to get the fund started. For more information or to make a donation, visit the relief fund’s webpage. Another way to help is to donate blood.