Inside ASHE 2016

Winter 2016: Volume 24, Number 4

Inside ASHE Volume 24, Number 4

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new at ASHE?
  • 2016 ASHE election results
  • Working together for the future: How ASHE’s community of members is improving our field
  • 2016 ASHE committee members
  • ASHE uses survey results to add benefits
  • Hosted programs: Health care organizations save resources by bringing ASHE training on site
  • Preparing for the CHFM exam: A new resource
  • Formulas for success: Financial terms to know
  • Position yourself for an uncertain future
  • Changes to fire door inspection and testing requirements in the 2012 Life Safety Code
  • An advocacy win: ASHE member efforts contribute to better emergency preparedness regulations
  • Why your presence—and your vote—is critical at the 2017 NFPA technical meetings
  • Member spotlight: Steve Spaanbroek, MBA, FASHE, CHFM, CHC


Fall 2016: Volume 24, Number 3

Inside ASHE Volume 24, Number 3

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new at ASHE?
  • Tools you can use
  • ASHE Annual Conference focused on reaching new heights
  • Cutting costs, supporting patient care: ASHE recognizes 2016 Energy to Care award winners
  • The energy efficiency tug-of-war: How in-state and interstate competitions encourage hospitals to go green
  • Success stories: How four hospitals save energy
  • Through the patient’s eyes: The interplay between the built environment and patient experience
  • Utility bill basics: Understanding how to get the most out of your electricity service
  • Memorial Hermann Southwest Heart and Vascular Hospital cuts energy costs
  • Strategic steps to sustainability in health care
  • Operations and maintenance benchmarking: Finding numbers that work for you
  • Hazardous waste program compliance: Differentiating between medical and hazardous waste
  • Coordination and efficiency: Hallmarks of St. Luke’s campus construction
  • The baton pass: Transitioning a new facility from construction to operations and asset management
  • Member spotlight: Scott Wallace


Summer 2016: Volume 24, Number 2

Inside ASHE Volume 24, Number 2

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new: ASHE at a glance
  • ASHE, sponsors work together to provide member resources
  • ASHE offers new education programs and custom learning opportunities
  • Tapping into the physical environment to improve patient experiences
  • Planning strategically to address the future of the field
  • Bridging change: Revisiting the job description of effective facility managers
  • Next steps: How will CMS adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code® affect hospitals?
  • Maintaining barriers requires protocol
  • NFPA 99 frequently asked questions: What you need to know
  • Keeping back-of-the-house safety in the forefront
  • Risk assessment for isolated power systems

Spring 2016: Volume 24, Number 1

Inside ASHE Volume 24, Number 1

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new: ASHE at a glance
  • HAIs through better facility design
  • Tackling the Triple Aim
  • Celebrating teamwork: the 2016 Vista Award winners
  • Mobile equipment management
  • Operating rooms: Using engineering and equipment planning to create successful spaces
  • Working toward the same goal: Tips on gaining infrastructure funding before systems fail
  • Improving thermal comfort and the patient experience
  • Putting the “process” into sterile processing departments
  • Focusing on the supply side: A new energy approach
  • From big box retail to community clinic: How adaptive reuse opened the door for Seattle Children’s newest clinic
  • Member spotlight: Skip Gregory