Inside ASHE Article Archive 2014

Winter 2014: Volume 22, Number 4

Inside ASHE Volume 22, Number 4

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  • Letter from the president
  • What's new: ASHE at a glance
  • Earn CEUs while reading Inside ASHE: ASHE announces new member benefits
  • Keeping the power on: Survey shows EES systems highly reliable
  • Your journey of career development: Planning a career roadmap
  • Ways to boost your career in 2015: ASHE resources at your fingertips
  • Planning for the future: Facility management succession planning
  • Building your social capital: 10 networking tips
  • The ASHE internship program benefits hosts and interns
  • Tools for the future: Colorado chapter provides no-cost educational programming
  • Member spotlight: Karen L. Dethloff, CHFM, FASHE

Fall 2014: Volume 22, Number 3

Inside ASHE Volume 22, Number 3

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new: ASHE at a glance
  • Going (and saving) green: Reducing operational costs through energy efficiencies
  • Hospitals around the country cut energy consumption
  • Reduce operational costs by educating yourself and your staff at no charge
  • Leveraging analytics to drive building efficiency
  • Creating value through energy efficiency
  • Skate to where the puck is going: Building valuable relationships between facility professionals and solution providers
  • Get to the PowerPoint: Making your next presentation more effective
  • Managing time, resources, and projects: 22 free tools to help you work better and smarter
  • Summary of changes to the acoustic criteria for FGI 2014
  • Member spotlight: James Peterkin, PE

Summer 2014: Volume 22, Number 2

Inside ASHE Volume 22, Number 2

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  • Letter from the president
  • What’s new: ASHE at a glance
  • Evolution of the health care facility manager: An ASHE member perspective
  • Tips from surveyors: How to avoid hot-button citation issues
  • Operating room requirements for 2014 and beyond
  • HCAHPS, patient experience, and the ACA: How facility professionals make a difference
  • Leading your organization through the planning, design, and construction process
  • George Mills on medical gas storage: Insights from the Joint Commission
  • A long Road: Hospital damaged in Hurricane Katrina’s long road to recovery
  • Lessons learned: How Hurricane Floyd prepared us for Superstorm Sandy
  • Five steps to compliance: Electrical workplace safety regulations
  • Reducing temperature variations for inpatient rooms
  • Beyond the rubber stamp: Energizing your EOC committee
  • Staying in compliance with OSHA’s hazard communication standard
  • ASHE awards: Excellence in Facility Management
  • Member spotlight: Hugh O. Nash, Jr.

Spring 2014: Volume 22, Number 1

Inside ASHE Volume 22, Number 1

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  • Letter from the President
  • What's New: ASHE at a glance and ASHE advocacy updates
  • Building for the Ages: Designing hospitals that last
  • 2014 Vista Awards: Recognizing the importance of teamwork
  • Find Your Culture Before Working on Your Next Project
  • ASHE Construction Programs: Customized programs explain unique hospital requirements
  • FGI Guidelines Highlights and Updates: The 2014 documents include significant changes
  • Tiny Particles, Massive Requirements: Unique construction needed for proton therapy centers
  • Solid Grounds: Managing the outdoor healing environment
  • Member Spotlight: Michael Kuechenmeister