Michael Roberts, P.E., CHFM

Region 3 Director

Michael Roberts Director, Energy, Corporate Support, Facilities Management Group
Carolinas HealthCare System
Charlotte, NC



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Michael Roberts has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare engineering and facility management leadership within academic hospitals, large healthcare systems and independent hospitals settings.  His roles as Director of Plant Engineering and Operations provide unique experience in critical hospital operations, accreditation processes and maintenance and operations strategies. Michael has also worked in large university campus, consulting and power generation environments.

He has served his professional community as an active member of ASHE, NCHEA and ASHRAE.  He is a Past President of the North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association, was a State Board member for six years and works to promote membership growth, education, code advocacy, sustainability initiatives and joint efforts with ASHRAE.  He is the NCHEA Sustainability Liaison to ASHE and has assisted the organization with obtaining Elite status the two years it has been offered.  He is also an active member of ASHE and serving on several sustainability task forces.  

Michael is member of the Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) team and is responsible for energy cost reduction initiatives and project implementation.  He has been instrumental in CHS being awarded eight Energy to Care awards over the past three years. He earned his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and is a registered Professional Engineer, Senior ASHE, Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager and Certified Hospital Engineer.

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Personal Letter

Hello, my name is Michael Roberts and I am a candidate for ASHE Region 3 Director.

I am honored to be considered, especially knowing the talented professionals who have previously been Region 3 Directors.  If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to vote and I would really appreciate your support.

ASHE has consistently been the national leader in the field of healthcare engineering and has a great tradition of responding to the needs of the members.  Regional Directors play a vital role in communicating to the Board about any questions and concerns.  As a member of ASHE’s Board of Directors, I would be the eyes, ears and voice for Region 3.

I believe one of the greatest things we can do is to serve others – our families, our communities, our co-workers, our professional societies and society as a whole. I want to give back to the membership and organization of ASHE, an organization that has not only helped me survive the challenges of healthcare facility engineering, but succeed. ASHE and the North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association have educated me and assisted me, keeping me current about new trends in facility management and supported me to face forward and contribute to the positive changes in our industry and our environment.

I am very lucky to have spent most of the last twenty-four years working for diverse healthcare system. I found my professional passion in creating and maintaining safe, healing environments for healthcare.

I have worked in half of the states in Region 3 – in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia and visited all of them. I have worked in stand-alone hospitals, small healthcare systems and large healthcare systems.  I am a member of the ASHE sustainability task forces and am currently the North Carolina Sustainability Liaison to ASHE, assisted the organization to achieve Elite status for the two years it has been offered.  I served as the North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association’s President and was a member of the NCHEA Board of Directors for six years. As NCHEA president, I coordinated the first NCHEA-ASHRAE joint meeting, helped drive legislative change that allowed appropriate hospital staff to test sprinkler systems and achieved the highest ASHE membership award.  I understand the importance of the success of the local chapter to both ASHE and to our membership.  I have learned that the chapters are the heart and soul of ASHE.
As Region 3 Director, I would

  • Ensure that Region 3 issues are discussed and included in ASHE initiatives by holding forums and soliciting input from the chapter members and leadership
  • Support Region 3 chapters to succeed in ASHE imperatives and awards programs and support all Region 3 chapters to obtain Platinum – Elite status
  • Facilitate the sharing of experiences and best demonstrated practices within Region 3 through the newsletter Highlights of Success

It is my goal to see that ASHE continues to be the most respected national resource for industry expertise and standards.

I guarantee that Region 3 will have a voice and that our needs will be heard.
Most importantly, I will and I will support my fellow members to make a day-to-day impact, not only in our workplaces, but also in the lives of our families and our communities.

Today, I ask for your vote as ASHE Region 3 Director.  

Thank you,

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