Joe Sprague FAIA, FACHA

Associate Member Director

Michael Crowley Principal, Senior Vice President & Director of Health Facilities
HKS, Inc.
Dallas, TX





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Throughout his career, Joe Sprague has promoted design excellence within the healthcare industry for a multitude of project types including academic medical centers, clinics, specialty centers and community hospitals. He serves as a health facilities principal and technical advisor, providing substantive input in these areas: 1. Efficient strategic solutions, 2. Master planning, 3. Functional and space planning, and 4.  Facility design.

Joe is a Principal at HKS, an international architectural firm headquartered in Dallas. He holds a Master of Architecture in Health Facility Design from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University. Prior to joining HKS, Joe served for 10 years as director of design and construction at the American Hospital Association, representing hospital advocacy nationwide and managing resources in both government and voluntary standard setting bodies, including CMS, state licensing agencies, Joint Commission, NFPA, and the building code industry. He has developed a high degree of understanding of the principles utilized in health facilities standards affecting design and operation.
Joe is widely published and is a frequent lecturer in health facility planning, design and construction. He is a life member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineering, a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects, a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Architects and a Fellow in the Health Facility Institute. Joe is past president of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health and is chairman emeritus of the FGI “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities,” a nationally recognized standard. He is also the former president of both the Facility Guidelines Institute and the American College of Healthcare Architects.
Joe is a retired U.S. Army Medical Service Corp Officer and spent his military career in the planning and design of army medical facilities.

Joe was recently appointed by the United States Secretary of Defense to serve on the Independent Review Panel for Military Construction Standards, with the purpose of developing a standard of care consistent with industry practices and benchmarks for world class medical center construction.
Joe has been recognized throughout his career for his commitment to healthcare design. He has received the Center for Health Design Changemaker award, the FGI Commitment Award for his achievements as the chairman of three additions of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities and was recognized by Healthcare Design magazine as one of the top 20 people making a difference.

Joe has received the Individual Distinction Award from the Symposium on Healthcare Design, recognizes architects who have displayed leadership and vision within their organizations or project teams. Joe also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Healthcare Architects, the highest award conferred by the Board of Regents in recognition of a significant body of work with lasting influence on the theory and practice of healthcare architecture.

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Personal Letter

May 31, 2017,

Dear Fellow ASHE Members,

I am honored by the opportunity to serve the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) at the highest level. I cannot express my sincere gratitude enough for the nomination for Associate Member Director to the ASHE Board.

For 10 years, I served as Director of Design & Construction of the American Hospital Association (AHA), coordinating the national codes and standards program advocacy for AHA/ASHE members. During the subsequent 30 years, I have dedicated myself to ASHE as an active member involved in advocacy, education, and the ASHE monograph series. I have also participated in webinars and have frequently interviewed for and been quoted in the annual ASHE Hospital Construction Survey.

It is of great importance to me as an architect to serve as your Associate Member Director to build bridges to the architectural profession and the planning, design and construction industry, and to elevate and to enhance the relationship of and opportunities for not only the 1,000 fellow architects within ASHE but the other 11,000 ASHE members in the organization.

I have served in several leadership positions in many of the organizations representing our industry. Notably, the award of Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was based on my ability to “bridge the architectural profession with the health facility design and construction industry.”

I believe together we can achieve greater goals for all stakeholders involved that will enhance the ASHE mission and vision for all its members and the hospital and health facilities they represent.

I have dedicated my career to optimizing the health care physical environment and I have served ASHE with a passion for decades in multiple capacities as needed. Recently, it was a career highlight to be honored as a life member of ASHE. I am committed to continue with this new position to build bridges into the future and to engage stakeholders in the creation of health care environments that are optimal for healing.


Joe Sprague, FAIA, FACHA
HKS, Inc.
Principal, Senior Vice President & Director of Health Facilities

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