William E. Koffel, P.E., FSFPE

2017 Candidate for Associate Member Director

William E. KoffelPresident
Koffel Associates, Inc.
Columbia, MD





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Bill Koffel is President of Koffel Associates and is recognized globally as an expert in the fire protection and life safety aspects of codes and standards. With offices in MD, CT, IN, MA, NC and the Middle East, the firm provides consulting; engineering; code development; seminars; and product testing services to clients worldwide. Formerly with the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office, he conducted licensure, certification, and accreditation surveys of health care facilities.  Bill serves on numerous NFPA Technical Committees and is the Chair of the Life Safety Correlating Committee.

With respect to health care organizations, Bill has been involved in the following activities:

  • Previous member of the JCAHO Committee on Health Care Safety (name at the time)
  • Previous consultant to American Health Care Association (long term care association)
    • Worked with ASHE/AHA in the development of consistent requirements in the three legacy building codes
  • Seminar instructor for ASHE and NFPA on NFPA 99, NFPA 101, and other NFPA standards used in health care facilities
  • Adjunct Faculty – Owensboro Healthcare Facilities Leadership degree program

With respect to Association Governance, Bill has been involved with the following:

  • Past President and Past Board member – Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  • President and Board member – Automatic Fire Alarm Association
  • Interim Executive Director Past Treasurer, and Past Director – American Association of Engineering Societies
  • Past Board Member – Maryland Society of Professional Engineers

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Personal Letter


Let me begin this letter by saying that I am honored and humbled to be nominated as a candidate for the ASHE Board of Directors.  As part of the election process I have provided a biography of my past and present accomplishments and activities as they relate to health care organizations.  However, I now want to take an opportunity to share with you my perspective of what I can offer to the ASHE Board and ASHE members.

Domestic and Global Perspective – While ASHE’s role with health care facilities outside of the USA is still being determined, I can bring to the Board experience in working in the global market.  This experience is not only as a consultant to health care facilities outside of the USA but also the involvement and activities of nonprofit organizations. I was the first SFPE Board member to be assigned a responsibility to address SFPE’s involvement outside the USA. Today, outside of North America SFPE has 23 chapters, conducts 2-3 conferences every year, offers numerous seminars, and it is the fastest growing sector of the Society’s membership. I have also delivered AFAA, ASHE, ICC, NFPA, NFSA, and SFPE seminars in 22 different countries. I chaired the SFPE Committee responsible for developing a new chapter model to meet the needs and legal restrictions to operate outside of the USA. I have also facilitated initial discussions with two health care organizations interested in establishing ASHE Chapters outside the USA. Domestically, we have worked on projects in all 50 states.

Advocacy – One of ASHE’s major activities is the Advocacy Program.  Some of those activities involve building codes, fire codes, and NFPA standards that apply to health care facilities. I have been involved in the codes and standards development process for over 35 years, including representing ASHE in some of those forums over the years. As such, I am intimately familiar with the processes in which ASHE needs to work to accomplish their codes and standards advocacy goals.

Training – One of the major member services provided by ASHE is that of training. I have been involved in developing and delivering ASHE webinars, teaching ASHE seminars, presenting at ASHE conferences, and presenting educational programs at many of the ASHE Chapter and Regional activities. These activities, along with input received from health care facilities and Associate members, will enable me to better guide future ASHE endeavors in the area of training and education.

Governance Experience – As shown on my biography, I will bring to the ASHE Board considerable experience as a board member and elected officer of several professional societies. The experience ranges from strategic planning to selecting a new Executive Director. I will also bring business experience to the board as the person who has led the development and growth of Koffel Associates to its current size of more than 60 employees.

I look forward to serving all ASHE members and making a positive contribution to ASHE’s strategic initiatives.

William E. Koffel, P.E., FSFPE

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