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Planning, Design, and Construction

Title Source Speaker(s) Length
Bringing Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Care Closer to the Community

2017 PDC Summit

Kathy Bell, Stephen J. Carbery, Terri Frink, Mary O'Connor 01:01:37
Methodology for Analyzing Environmental Quality Indicators (EQIs)

2017 PDC Summit

Damon Greeley, Thomas Gormley, Troy Markel, Jennifer Wagner 00:58:31
Best Practices from the 2016 Vista Award Winners 2016 Annual Conference
Robert Reardon & Leslie Hanson 00:59:55
Improving Infection Prevention and Control Through Facility Design 2016 PDC Summit
Dale Woodin, Barbara Edson, Carolyn V. Gould, Dana Swenson, George Mills, Linda Dickey 01:11:16
Reinventing the PDC Process to Reduce Costs 2015 PDC Summit
Michael Hatton 00:55:45
10 Forces Continuing to Change Health Care Design 2013 Annual Conference Peter Bardwell & Ray Pentecost 01:09:44
An Owner-Driven BIM to FM Strategy: “Begin with the end in mind" 2013 Annual Conference Kenneth Kaiser & Shrimant Jaruhar 01:10:27
Hybrid Operating Rooms: The Challenge for Planning, Design and Construction 2013 PDC Summit Terry Miller & Lynne Ingle 01:06:05
Lean Application for All Project Delivery Methods 2013 PDC Summit Mark Linenberger, Spencer Seals & Stewart Trapino 01:01:33
Seven Levers to Maximize Value 2013 PDC Summit Robert Gesing & John Chory 00:59:23
Operating Room HVAC Setback Roundtable: Issues and Solutions 2013 PDC Summit Christy Love, John Inman, Linda Dickey & Mike Hatton 01:14:47


Title Source Speaker(s) Length
Just Ask ASHE
Webinar recorded January 29, 2018 Jonathan Flannery, Jonathan Hart,
Kenneth Monroe, Lennon Peake
Getting the Most out of the Energy to Care Dashboard
Webinar recorded October 31, 2017 Kara Brooks 00:58:22
Just Ask ASHE
Webinar recorded October 23, 2017 Jonathan Flannery 01:01:19
NFPA 99 2012 Update: Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems
Webinar recorded September 19, 2017 James K Lathrop 01:06:24
HFAP Accreditation and the Physical Environment 2017 Annual Conference
Brad Keyes 01:18:02
DNV GL Healthcare Update 2017 Annual Conference Kelly Proctor,
Brennan Scott
Joint Commission Update 2017 Annual Conference George Mills 01:11:25
NFPA 99 2012 Update: Risk Categories
Webinar recorded June 16, 2017 Michael A. Crowley 00:51:25
The Joint Commission: Phase I Standards & Elements of Performance Review
2017 PDC Summit George Mills 01:24:36
Complying with Locking Arrangement Requirements
2017 PDC Summit Lennon Peake and Rebecca Morgenstern 00:55:59
USP 797/USP 800: Is Your Pharmacy Ready?
2017 PDC Summit Ronald Gorham, Frank Peropat 01:02:37
Test Your Code Knowledge: An Interactive Q&A Discussion of Regulatory Codes
2017 PDC Summit Allison Ellis and William Koffel 00:57:40
Compliance with CMS Emergency Management Rule: What Might Be Missing
Webinar recorded May 22, 2017 Susan McLaughlin 00:59:12
The New Joint Commission Standards Part 3
Webinar recorded April 18, 2017 George Mills 01:07:17
The New Joint Commission Standards Part 2
Webinar recorded February 21, 2017 George Mills 01:02:29
Introduction of the New Joint Commission Standards (Part 1)
Webinar recorded January 24, 2017 George Mills 01:01:21
Saving Resources Through Proactive Leadership and Advocacy Webinar recorded December 2, 2016 Dave Dagenais 00:54:38
Joint Commission Update Webinar recorded October 25, 2016 George Mills 00:55:44
CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule – Deciphering the Implications Webinar recorded October 24, 2016 Jonathan Flannery 01:04:50
CMS Adoption of the 2012 Edition of NFPA 99 and What It Means for Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded September 15, 2016 Sharon S. Gilyeat 01:29:00
Chapter 43 of NFPA 101 and Its Impact on Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded August 10, 2016 Bill Koffel 01:18:04
Just Ask ASHE Codes and Standards Forum 2016 Annual Conference
Chad E. Beebe, Kristin Shifflett, Dave Dagenais, William Koffel, Susan McLaughlin, Chris P. Rousseau 01:11:54
Joint Commission Update Part 1
2016 Annual Conference George Mills 01:10:57
Joint Commission Update Part 2
2016 Annual Conference George Mills 01:15:10
Navigating, Identifying, and Interpreting NFPA 99 2016 Annual Conference
Jonathan R. Hart 00:56:52
NFPA 101: Chapter 43 Building Rehabilitation 2016 Annual Conference
James S. Peterkin 00:52:14
CMS Adoption of ASHRAE 170-2008 2016 Annual Conference
Chris P. Rousseau, Jonathan Flannery 01:13:53
CMS and the 2012 Life Safety Code®: Plan your compliance strategy 2016 Annual Conference
Tim Adams, Chad E. Beebe 01:06:59
Navigating, Identifying, and Interpreting NFPA 101 2016 Annual Conference
Jonathan Hart 00:57:22
Test Your Code Knowledge: An Interactive Q&A Discussion of Regulatory Codes 2016 Annual Confernece William E. Koffel, Rebecca A. Morgenstern 00:56:33
Changes to the Conditions of Participation impacting health care facilities Video recorded June 2016 Tim Adams 00:42:12
Reference Standards in the 2012 Edition of NFPA 101 and Their Impact on the Operation of Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded May 18, 2016 William E. Koffel &
Mark J. Aaby
The 2012 Edition of NFPA 101 and Its Impact on New Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded April 6, 2016 William Koffel,
Sarina Hart
The 2012 Edition of NFPA 101 and Its Impact on Existing Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded February 24, 2016 William E. Koffel, Lennon A. Peake 01:30:51
Focus on Compliance: An Overview of Resources from the Joint Commission and ASHE Webinar recorded October 26, 2015 George Mills and Jonathan Flannery 01:04:31
Test Your Code Knowledge: An Interactive Discussion of Regulatory Codes 2015 Annual Confernece William E. Koffel, Lennon Peake 00:55:00
Test Your Code Knowledge: An Interactive Q&A Discussion of Regulatory Codes 2015 PDC Summit William E. Koffel, Allison C. Ellis 00:55:52
Use ASHE's new Health Care FSES Tool to Execute a Successful Submittal Webinar from February 10, 2015 Anne Guglielmo, Chad Beebe 01:01:02
NFPA Life Safety Code Update: The Positive Aspect of Change Webinar from December 4, 2013 Mike Daniel 01:26:12
HazCom 2012: Frequently Asked Compliance Questions 2013 Annual Conference Chuck Haling 01:08:18
Fundamentals of the Joint Commission 2013 Annual Conference George Mills 01:17:36
Health Care Code Compliance Made Simple 2012 Annual Conference Dave Dagenais 01:14:30

Leadership and Business

Title Source Speaker(s) Length
Most New Hospitals Guzzle Energy: Keys to Break the Pattern 2017 PDC Summit Mark Dykes, Kevin Gombotz, Alan Neuner< 00:58:58
General Session: Overcoming National Challenges in the Health Care Built Environment 2017 PDC Summit Joe M. Powell, Frank F. Aucremanne, Stella Fiotes, Walter B. Jones, Spencer Moore, Donald H. Orndoff, Robert McCoole 01:20:03
AMC Benchmarking Study: Facility Condition Assessment and Asset Management 2017 PDC Summit Tony Groh, Alexa Braun, Nina Wollman 00:56:41
Smart Money Now vs Dumb Money Later: Using Standards & Financial Planning to Reduce Unnecessary Lifetime Costs 2016 Annual Conference Andrew Jones, Ashley Roberts 00:38:45
Maximizing the Potential of Multigenerational Teams 2016 Annual Conference Tim Adams, Jordan Northcutt, Art Kjos, Rob “Waldo” Waldman 00:46:12
Facility Operations in the Scheme of the Facility: Tools for the In-House Model 2016 Annual Conference Damian Skelton, Nhut T. Bui 00:46:22
Capital Spending and Allocating Funds in a Health System 2015 Annual Conference Gerry Kaiser, Ronald van Vilsteren 01:00:54
Culture at the CORE: The Impact of the Built Environment on Patient Satisfaction Webinar recorded October 28, 2015 Lorissa MacAllister 00:43:59
Finding Optimal Staffing Levels to Support the Bottom Line 2014 Annual Conference Gerry Kaiser, Lindsey Brackett 00:58:47
Increasing FM Marketability: Understanding The Big Picture 2013 Annual Conference Bert Gumeringer 01:02:42
Maximizing Your Rural Hospital's Place in the Community 2013 Annual Conference Laura Rygielski-Preston & Charlotte Burns 00:57:24
Making the Business Case for Using the ASHE HFCx Process for Health Facility New Construction & Renovation Projects 2013 PDC Summit Mark Kenneday & Ed Tinsley 01:22:03
A Long Push in the Same Direction: Using a Long Range Strategic Plan and a Sound Business Case to Secure Approval and Funding for Infrastructure Upgrades 2013 PDC Summit Ed Tinsley, Mark Smith, Gerry Kaiser & Mike Fullerton 01:15:56
Finance 101 for Facility Managers 2012 Annual Conference William Deitenbeck 00:58:50


Title Source Speaker(s) Length
Workplace Violence: Best Practices for the Worst Case Webinar recorded January 17, 2017
Connie Packard, Thomas A. Smith, Kevin Tuohey 00:58:52
Disaster Preparedness and Maintenance Considerations Webinar recorded October 27, 2016
Joe Fiorito, Ben Thomas 00:36:05
Intelligent Health Care Energy Infrastructure Partnerships Webinar recorded October 26, 2016
Scott Higgins 00:56:23
Alternate Equipment Maintenance (AEM) Risk Assessments 2016 Annual Conference David Stymiest 00:58:41
Execution and Return on Investment of Reliability Centered Maintenance 2016 Annual Conference Roy Hirchack, David Lockhart, Devin Hugie, Robert Lucas 01:11:56
Active Shooter - Best Practices for the Worst Case Recorded July 11, 2016 Kevin Tuhoey, Constance Packard, Thomas Smith 00:57:01
Demystifying Hand Hygiene Compliance Across the Health Care Continuum of Care Webinar recorded May 24, 2016   01:03:37
Research Tools to Address Health Care Design Challenges Webinar recorded April 20, 2016 Carolyn Glaser 01:04:02
What You Need to Know About Workplace Violence Prevention Webinar recorded April 12, 2016 Terry Soloman 00:40:57
Power Generation for Health Care Facilities Webinar recorded October 29, 2015 Tim Cresswell, Mike Devine 01:00:13
Critical WMTS Update: What You Need to Know Webinar recorded September 15, 2015 Dale Woodin, Mark Gibson 00:57:08
Excellence in Facilities Management: The Value of Using a Daily Safety Brief 2013 Annual Conference Tom Kinman, Jim Burger, Iona Canada 00:51:45
Fundamentals of Health Care Energy Efficiency 2013 Annual Conference York Chan 00:55:50
Practical Preparedness for Workplace Violence in Health Care Facilities 2013 Annual Conference Ken Bukowski, Tom Davis & Mike Dunning 00:50:43
Reducing Temperature Variation in Patient Rooms 2013 Annual Conference Robert Ray 00:42:22
Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina & Super Storm Sandy 2013 Annual Conference Steve Spaanbroek, Hank Wheeler & Mark Etheridge 01:02:51
Super Storm Sandy’s Impact on Essential Electrical Systems: What Went Right? 2013 Annual Conference Jonathan Flannery 00:49:55
New Theories on Plumbing and HVAC Systems 2013 PDC Summit Bob Gulick & Rick Hermans 01:02:26
Managing Hospital Electrical Shutdowns 2012 Annual Conference David Stymiest & Jason D'Antona 01:11:46
Fundamentals of Facility Management and Operations 2012 Annual Conference Tom Stewart & Jonathan Flannery 00:49:57