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ASHE is currently in a transition period between two online learning platforms. The new platform will feature single-sign-on (no need to remember another password!), a more modern look and feel, and a more streamlined user experience. However, moving all of our courses to the new platform will take some time. Please review the list below for guidance on how to access your specific course. Thank you for your patience!

Note: This page is for individuals who have already registered for an ASHE e-Learning program. To learn more about e-Learning programs and to register, please visit the Program Offerings page.

New Platform Courses

  • Application of NFPA 99 in Health Care Facilities e-Learning Course
  • NEW! ASHE Arcade: Test Your Code Knowledge game
  • Barrier Management Symposium Video Series
  • NEW! Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) Exam Review e-Learning Course
  • Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker
  • Door Inspection and Maintenance Online Test
  • Electrical Systems for Health Care Facilities e-Learning Course
  • Finance and Budgeting for Facility Managers e-Learning Course
  • NEW! Quick Training: Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
  • NEW! Quick Training: Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
  • NEW! Quick Training: Annual Visual Sprinkler Inspection
  • NEW! Quick Training: Portable Fire Extinguishers

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Earlier Platform Courses

Note: All courses in this platform will expire on December 31, 2018. If you are currently enrolled in a course listed below and are unable to complete it by December 31, 2018, please contact the ASHE education team at

  • Managing Life Safety e-Learning Course
  • NEW! Medical Gas Cylinder Storage e-Learning Course

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Additional Courses

  • Energy University

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