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Be a Leader in Succession Planning for Health Care Facility Management

Succession planning is a challenge that health care facilities face nationwide. A 2012 salary survey by Health Facilities Management and ASHE found that 40 percent of managers were older than 55—an increase from 35 percent in the 2009 survey. As senior leaders prepare to retire, how will your organization fill open roles? Who will fill the pipeline for health care facility professionals of the future?

ASHE is committed to the issue of succession planning in health care facility management. Its internship program created in conjunction with Schneider Electric provides organizations with an opportunity to host an ASHE intern at your facility. ASHE recruits interns and evaluates the internship experience, and host organizations interview, hire, and manage the intern(s). This creates a mutually beneficial relationship between your facility and aspiring new professionals and, ultimately, supports the longevity of the profession.

Why Hire an ASHE Intern?

Hiring an ASHE intern will leverage opportunities for your organization. Whether your team needs assistance on a project or is interested in exploring the idea of an entry-level candidate, adding an ASHE intern to your team will help your facility fulfill its present potential and prepare for the future.

  • 40 percent of new college hires will come from internship programs.
  • Internship retention rates were at an all-time high in 2012, at 58.6 percent.
  • Those participating in host organizations’ internships saw:
    • A 75.7 percent retention rate after 1 year versus 66.5 percent of hires who had no previous experience.
    • A 62.4 percent retention rate after 5 years versus 48.1 percent of hires who had no previous experience.

As an added benefit, an individual from the host organization will have the opportunity to participate in a free e-learning course through ASHE.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Host Organization and ASHE?

 ASHE provides:

  • Strategic and financial guidance to host organizations or ASHE chapters willing to commit to an ASHE internship.
  • Recruitment and resume management services.
  • Scholarships for ASHE interns to attend the ASHE Annual Conference.
  • Free e-learning courses for interns, including Managing Life Safety and a forthcoming Fundamentals of Facility Management course, in conjunction with select Schneider Electric's MyEnergy University courses.
  • Grants to host organizations, based on need, to be used to help fund an internship. This financial assistance is to be used in its entirety to supplement the host organization's provision of a stipend or wages for the intern and to assist the intern with transportation and housing needs. Host organizations eligible to receive a grant must send an application to ASHE.

A host organization is responsible for:

  • Reviewing resumes, selecting candidates to interview, scheduling interviews, and extending offers to candidates.
  • Offering compensation benefits to ASHE interns for work, transportation, or housing. If host organizations are eligible, ASHE will provide grants based on need to be used to help fund internships. Host organizations may also consider seeking sponsorship to fund their ASHE internship program, or reaching out to their local ASHE affiliated chapter for grants.
  • Appointing an ASHE member as an internship mentor to manage intern and provide daily tasks.

What is the Process for Hosting an ASHE Internship?

1) Submit an application and work with ASHE to finalize a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

After your organization identifies a need for an ASHE intern, submit the following application to Tim Adams at, and ASHE will be in touch to develop an MOU with your organization. The MOU will include educational expectations, mentor’s participation in internship experience, intern position description, financial considerations, and liabilities. Your organization will assign one individual as a mentor to (each) intern. This mentor accepts the role as an advocate for the intern and ensures the conditions stated in the MOU with ASHE are fulfilled.

2) Review resumes, conduct interviews, and select intern(s).

ASHE staff recruits intern candidates by identifying university programs with promising students who are eligible for the ASHE internship. Your organization will have 24/7 access to browse resumes online and select candidates you are interested in interviewing. Host organizations will be responsible for scheduling interviews, extending offer(s), and managing any negotiations during the hiring process.

3) ASHE touches base with intern(s) and host organization.

Throughout the internship program, ASHE will check in with the host organization and intern to ensure both parties are gaining value from the program. ASHE will conduct a formal evaluation at the end of the internship to assess the experience of the host organization and intern(s).

BONUS—Host organization may extend offer to intern(s).

Upon the end of an internship period, your organization is able to extend a full-time offer to intern(s) – helping your organization achieve a succession plan for your facility management team.

To host an ASHE internship program, please complete the application below and submit to

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