Fire Door Maintenance

Updated 5/27/2016

These charts show top reasons for Joint Commission findings related to fire door maintenance.

Title: LS.02.01.10 Fire/Smoke Door Failures

Title: LS.02.01.30 Fire/Smoke Door Failures

Title: LS.02.01.30 Total Door Failure

Title: LS.02.01.30 Hardware Failure

Title: LS.02.01.30 Gap Failure

Title: LS.02.01.30 Blocked Door

Title: LS.02.01.30 Hazardous Area & Suite Findings


  • Fire Door Checklist (PDF) (Posted 4/1/2016)
  • Recorded Webinar on Fire Doors (Posted 5/27/2016)

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The hospital manages risks associated with its utility systems.
(August/September 2015)

The hospital maintains the integrity of the means of egress.
(October/November 2015)

The hospital establishes and maintains a safe, functional environment.
(December/January 2016)

The hospital maintains fire safety equipment and fire safety building features.
(February/March 2016)

Building and fire protection features are designed and maintained to minimize the effects of fire, smoke, and heat.
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The hospital provides and maintains building features to protect individuals from the hazards of fire and smoke.
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The hospital provides and maintains equipment for extinguishing fires.
(August/September 2016)

The hospital manages risks related to hazardous materials and waste.
(October/November 2016)

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