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Career Flash is a job listing service distributed weekly to more than 12,000 members of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering.

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Please note: Job seekers must be logged into the ASHE website as a member to view jobs. ASHE members who need help logging in can call 312-422-3800 for assistance.


Cost: The cost to place one ad in ASHE's Career Flash is a flat rate of $600 for a four-week run. A single ad includes one job title and one location (city and state - country if applicable). Multiple positions in one location, one position in multiple locations, or multiple positions in multiple locations are considered separate ads and will be charged on an individual basis at the flat rate of $600 each for a four-week run. The word limit for a Career Flash ad post is 300 words. Please be sure to do a word count of your ad in a program such as Word to ensure that your ad length falls within the Career Flash posting guidelines. Ads that exceeds the 300 word will not be posted. Initiators will receive an e-mail requesting that a revised ad be submitted with a shortened job description. Any editing of a job posting at the request of the imitator after the form has been completed is subject to a $150 fee per edit. An invoice, screen shot of the ad, and a W9 form will be sent after the position has posted on our website.

Timing: Your ad will be posted on the Career Flash website for a period of four weeks. A link to the ad will appear in our weekly e-newsletter, HFM Insider, during the first week of the ad run. Ads must be submitted by noon Central Time on Thursday for inclusion in the following Tuesday’s Career Flash.

Please note: Due to holidays, submission deadline dates are subject to change. Please check back for any deadline changes.

Process: To submit a job posting, you must complete all required fields in the job posting request form below. Requests are due by noon Central Time on Thursday for inclusion in the following Tuesday's Career Flash. Ad requests received after the noon Central Time deadline will be held an additional week until the next available posting date. Once you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation that we have received it. It is recommended that you print or save this for your records. To receive an e-mail confirmation which will include the information that was submitted, check the “Send me a copy of my responses” box and add your e-mail address when prompted before submitting.

Please be sure to read all instructions when completeing the form to avoid delays in posting your position.

Please note: The entire ad, including the description and how to apply must not exceed 300 words. You can click here to word count your ad to ensure that it falls within the 300 word count limit.

Below is a sample of how your ad will appear on our website. During the first week of posting, your ad will have the word NEW! included before the job title.

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If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call 312-422-3820