Speaker Resources

The following speakers are available to ASHE affiliated chapters looking for presenters for meetings, conferences, and other events.

Tim Adams

Director, Member Professional Development
American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

Topic areas: Advocacy update, ASHE Updates, Career assessment, Clinical engineering compliance issues , Clinical engineering compliance issues, Compliance- NFPA, Environment of Care issues, Fire and Life Safety, Health care construction, Health care facility management, Inspirational/motivational presentations, When You Come to a Fork in the Road, It’s Time to Lead, Ready for the Storm, Medical gas systems, Risk assessment – infection prevention (ICRA), Risk assessment – patient safety, Risk assessment – patient safety, Risk assessment – pre-construction (PCRA), and Succession planning
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Chad Beebe

Chad E. Beebe, AIA, SASHE
Deputy Executive Director for Advocacy
American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

Topic areas: ASHE: NFPA 101 Update, ASHE Advocacy Highway: Roadmap to Codes and Standards, FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities, 2012 NFPA 99: New Risk Based Approach, Just Ask ASHE: Codes & Standards Forum, 2014 FGI Guidelines Updates, and NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, 2015 Update
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Caleb Brantley

Caleb H. Brantley, EI, EMIT
Energy Engineer
TME, Inc.
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Gordon Burrill

Gordon D. Burrill, P.Eng., FASHE, CHFM, CHC
Teegor Consulting Inc.

Topic areas: Healthcare construction, Healthcare facilities management, Infection control during construction or maintenance, and Quality management systems
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York Chan

York Chan, CHFM, CHC
Administrator of Facilities
Advocate Health Care

Topic areas: Energy efficiency in health care facilities, Communicating with the “C” suite—From the boiler room to the board room, Accreditation updates, and Health care reform’s implications to the design, construction and facilities management fields
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Brian Cotten

Brian Cotten, PE, CHFM, FASHE
Executive Director of Design & Construction
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Topic areas: Planning, design, and construction and Commissioning
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Steven Cutter

Steven Cutter, MBA, HFDP, CHFM, SASHE
Director of Engineering Services
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Topic areas: Pre-construction risk assessments (PCRA)/Infection control risk assessments (ICRA, Hazard assessment and critical control point planning (HACCP), and Sustainability planning
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Dave Dagenais

David A. Dagenais, CHSP, CHFM, FASHE
Director of Plant Operations/Safety Officer
Wentworth/Douglass Hospitalr
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Linda Dickey

Linda Dickey, RN, MPH, CIC
Director for Epidemiology and Infection Prevention
University of California Irvine Medical Center
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Jonathan Flannery

Jonathan J. Flannery, MHSA, CHFM, FASHE
Senior Associate Director of Advocacy
American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

Topic areas: Compliance – OSHA, Emergency management, Energy management, Environment of Care issues, Fire and life safety, Health care construction, Health care facility management – finances, Health care facility planning, design, and construction, Health facility commissioning, Medical gas systems, Risk assessment, Succession planning, Support service operations, Sustainability – planning, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Environment of Care Standards, Interim Life Safety Measures, Owners Expectations, Positive Leadership, Supervisory Skills/Human Resources, and Utility Management
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Mark Kenneday

Mark Kenneday, MBA, CHFM, FASHE
Senior Associate Director of Advocacy
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Topic areas: Organizational change, Lean Six Sigma, Performance excellence, Selling to the C-suite, and Health facilities commissioning
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Susan McLaughlin

Susan McLaughlin, MBA, FASHE, CHFM, CHSP
Managing Director
MSL Healthcare Partners

Topic areas: Environment of care (various topics), Emergency management, and Joint Commission compliance
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Richard Moeller

Richard D. Moeller, PE, FASHE, LEED AP, HFDP, CHC
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Leo Old

Senior Project Manager
EnSafe, Inc.

Topic areas: Life safety, Occupational safety and health, OSHA compliance, Indoor air quality, and Infection control
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Terry Parish

Terry Parish, SASHE, CHFM, CHC, CHSP
Corporate Director Regulatory Compliance
Columbus Regional Healthcare System
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Steve Spaanbroek

Steve Spaanbroek, MBA, SASHE, CHFM, CHC
Managing Director
MSL Healthcare Partrners

Topic areas: Infection prevention, Performance improvement, Code compliance, The Joint Commission, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
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Tim Staley


President / Principal
Empirical Energy Solutions, LLC
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Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart, MBA, SASHE, CHFM, CHC
Southern Illinois Healthcare

Topic areas: ASHE updates, Advocacy updates, Developing an energy management program, and Healthcare facility management fundamentals
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Andy Streifel

Andrew Streifel
Hospital Environment Specialist
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
University of Minnesota
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David Stymiest

David L. Stymiest, PE CHFM CHSP FASHE
Senior Consultan
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.
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Ed Tinsley

Executive Managing Principal and Chairman of the Board
TME, Inc.

Topic areas: Commissioning, Energy conservation, Retro-commissioning, Medical gas systems, Operating room HVAC systems, Building automation systems, Facility management benchmarking, and Impact of facility management on the hospital cost structure
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Paula Wright

Paula Wright RN, BSN, CIC
Project Manager
Infection Control Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
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